Embanet’s Support over 1,000,000 Enrollments in 2004

February 4, 2005

Toronto, February 3, 2005 – Embanet’s support of over 1,000,000 enrollments in 2004 exceeds projections and sets the stage for a banner year in 2005. Embanet provides hosting of online courses in its Tier 1 Data Center and 24/7/365 live help desk support for Instructors and learners.

“I am incredibly proud of our Clients’ success as well as the Embanet Team who has made this possible”, says Jeffrey E. Feldberg, Chairman of Embanet Corporation. “Embanet is completely focused and dedicated to adding value to the online experience for learners and ensuring that learners successfully complete their courses and programs. Clearly, the marketplace has responded with its show of support and belief in the Embanet model and services. Our success is not so much about Embanet as it is about the learners, first and foremost, and the institutions who provide the opportunity for learners to better their lives through education that is convenient and accessible.”

Services like Embanet’s e-Learning Insuranceâ„¢ in which institutions can choose from one of eight leading learning platforms that Embanet hosts and supports, EmbanetOneâ„¢ in which an institution can pick from a community of market leading solutions for online programs, and Embanet’s focus on its help desk being a retention tool are some of the many elements that help increase an institutions return on investment and ensure that learners complete their online courses and programs.

“When we started Embanet over a decade ago, we were one of a handful of companies with a vision of helping institutions take their programs online in an effort to reach out to students who otherwise would not have access to quality education”, says Waleuska L. Lazo, CEO of Embanet Corporation. “What is truly exciting is that our Clients and the Embanet Team have made a difference in and touches the lives of 1 million learners. We are truly grateful and appreciative of this opportunity”.

About Embanet Corporation
Embanet is the leading provider of fully hosted and supported e-learning solutions to educational institutions. Embanet’s Tier 1 Data Center, the industry’s best course development and 24/7 LIVE technical support help achieve high online retention and completion rates. Embanet offers the industry’s only e-Learning Insuranceâ„¢ to safeguard your investment from changing technologies through the total integration of eight leading and non-proprietary learning platforms. For more information, please visit http://www.embanet.com/newsalert