Embanet’s New World Headquarters Provides Additional Advantage

December 8, 2004

Toronto, December 8, 2004 – Embanet has successfully completed the move into its new 53,000 square foot World Headquarters on time and on schedule. The world-class facility enables Embanet, a market leader for providing institutions with scalable and profitable online programs, to expand its already powerful hosting and 24/7 technical support for learners and students as well as expand student retention, student acquisition, and accreditation.

“The purchase of and successful move to our new facilities will enable Embanet to continue along its high growth path in support of efforts to add value for online learners and provide a high return on investment for Clients”, says Jeffrey E. Feldberg, Chairman of Embanet Corporation. “Our new World Headquarters provides the facilities and infrastructure to support our staff’s efforts to continue to lead the industry with out-of-the-box thinking and solutions.”

The marketplace for online programs continues to grow with institutions searching for ways to extend their reach, create value and new streams of revenue. Many institutions face the challenge of not only establishing an online program, but also having to sort through the many choices available. Along the way, institutions expose themselves to an element of risk through technology solutions that are proprietary, may not be able to meet future needs or are unable to provide services in the future.

Embanet’s ability to offer its e-Learning Insuranceâ„¢ protects institutions from the rapid change in technology through the support of multiple and market leading learning platforms.

“Our new facilities are a tribute to our Clients and our Staff who have made this possible”, says Waleuska L. Lazo, President of Embanet Corporation. “Embanet’s continues to be the largest provider of e-Learning solutions in the marketplace, this year we will be supporting over 1 million enrollments. Our market leading innovations such as our e-Learning Insuranceâ„¢ and EmbanetOneâ„¢ enable institutions to build online programs that offer high levels of value to the students and a compelling return on investment through our ability to create higher retention and completion rates. Embanet’s new World Headquarters has the facilities and infrastructure to support our tradition of success for our Clients”.

Embanet has always believed that to achieve its goals it must first achieve and exceed the goals of it Clients. With this in mind Embanet thanks its Clients, partners and associates who have made this possible.

About Embanet Corporation
Embanet is the leading provider of fully hosted and supported e-learning solutions to educational institutions. Embanet’s Tier 1 Data Center, the industry’s best course development and 24/7 LIVE technical support help achieve high online retention and completion rates. Embanet offers the industry’s only e-Learning Insuranceâ„¢ to safeguard your investment from changing technologies through the total integration of eight leading and non-proprietary learning platforms. For more information, please visit http://www.embanet.com/newsalert