Embanet Offers The Industry’s ONLY e-Learning Insurance …

February 5, 2004

Toronto – Embanet Corporation, the leading provider of e-Learning solutions, has addressed the concern by Colleges and Universities worldwide on how to protect their enrollment revenues, reputation and quality against the vicious cycle of technology change in learning platforms with the industry’s ONLY e-Learning insurance. Embanet supports seven of the industry’s leading and non-proprietary learning platforms through its integrated hosting, 24/7 support and course development solution for online programs.

Embanet’s e-Learning insurance enables institutions to seamlessly switch learning platforms without experiencing down time to protect against significant increases in licensing, newer and better technology, and ensure that online courses are not interrupted even if a learning platform is taken off the market. Institutions further benefit from not being locked into a proprietary learning platform that cannot be hosted externally and supported by other service providers.

“Our e-Learning insurance safeguards our Clients from the vicious changes in technologies that may significantly harm online retention rates and enrollment revenues. Our e-Learning insurance has provided our Clients the peace of mind to remain focused on their core competencies while we take care of all their online issues through our integrated one-stop-shop approach”, says Jeffrey E. Feldberg, Chairman of Embanet Corporation.

“Embanet supports some of the fastest growing and successful online programs in the marketplace. Higher completion rates, enrollments, and a positive return on investment are some of the results experienced by Embanet’s Clients,” says Waleuska L. Lazo, President of Embanet Corporation.

The marketplace concurs; Dean Dan Holland says “Embanet’s e-Learning insurance has enabled our online initiative to significantly grow throughout the years. Combining the best learning platforms to choose from with the industry’s best service has made all the difference for my Instructors and Students – and our results show it!”

To learn more about our e-Learning insurance and how you can benefit from it, please visit www.embanet.com/insurance

About Embanet Corporation
For nearly a decade Embanet has helped organizations with online courses and programs to increase completion rates, increase retention rates, ensure higher enrollments and a positive return on investment. To achieve this, Embanet provides an end-to-end e-Learning solution that hosts online courses in its Tier 1 data center, offers multiple learning platforms to choose from, provides the industry’s best 24/7/365 live technical support, offers the highest quality course development and conversion services, has proven and effective training for Instructors and Learners, and integrates back end systems with learning platforms. It is little wonder that Embanet is affectionately referred to as “Relief For Your e-Learning Headaches”. Whether your online program has 50 learners or 5,000 learners, Embanet has the solution for you. For a closer look at Embanet Corporation please visit http://www.embanet.com

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