Embanet Help Desk Tracking Systems Helps Learners Complete

October 20, 2004

Toronto, October 19, 2004 – Embanet Corporation today announced its efforts to increase retention and completion rates for online courses through the Embanet Help Desk Tracking Systemâ„¢. The traditional industry approach for help desk follow-up is to provide an email response. With the advent of viruses, Internet congestion and email filtering systems, many emails are not received.

Instructors and learners require timely responses to a technical problems encountered in the online class. Not having the solution can make the difference between staying in a course or dropping the course on the student side, or providing exceptional value and learning on the Instructor side.

Embanet’s 24 hour 7 day per week live technical support solution solves this problem through its industry leading Embanet Help Desk Systemâ„¢ and Embanet Help Desk Tracking Systemâ„¢. Instructors or learners who contact the Embanet Help Desk through a phone call or an intelligent web form receive a case number. The update, status and solution are quickly and easily referenced, using this case number, through a secure web site. Although the Embanet Help Desk always sends an email response to all enquiries, Instructors and learners can view the solution at any time on the web site. This is particularly helpful when emails do not arrive or are even deleted.

“Contacting Embanet Technical Support in regard to resolutions is truly outstanding. The fact that I receive a response so promptly and with such enthusiasm is what makes a difference to me. Contacting Tech Support is not intimidating or an issue in itself, and makes me feel that I am appreciated and I am not taking up their time or bothering them. Thank you Embanet!” – M. Jessa, Online Learner

“The help desk is often a lifeline for Instructors and students in online courses”, says Jeffrey E. Feldberg, Chairman of Embanet Corporation. “All too often this lifeline is cut short when the information does not reach the Instructor or student whose learning outcome and course success depends on this information. The Embanet Help Desk Tracking System eliminates this problem and provides peace of mind, and most importantly, access to the solution. We have all experienced the frustration of either not receiving an email or accidentally deleting an email with important information. Translate this into a situation in which the enrollment revenue of an institution and the success of a student is at stake, it becomes apparent just how important the Embanet Help Desk Tracking System is to the Instructor, student and institution.”

“Embanet is always looking for ways that we can add value to the process of taking an online course”, says Waleuska L. Lazo, President of Embanet Corporation. “We listen to our Clients and follow the trends in the marketplace. The Embanet Help Desk Tracking System is yet another innovation from Embanet that will help take the industry to new levels of convenience, and ultimately, learner success through higher retention rates and a stronger return on investment.”

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