Embanet CampusWebPort Increases ROI for Online Programs

March 2, 2005

Toronto, March 1, 2005 – Institutions with successful and growing online programs face the unforeseen challenge and cost of data automation for growing rosters and courses as well as custom reports to keep in compliance with accreditation. Institutions are typically faced with the challenge of manual processes which are expensive and prone to errors, or alternatively, expensive and complicated automated processes with no guaranteed results.

The Embanet Campus WebPortâ„¢ is a solution that is both quickly deployed and affordable for institutions. As a pioneer in the online industry and having worked with online programs since 1995, Embanet built the Embanet Campus WebPortâ„¢ in direct response to the growing market need. Whether they have a homegrown or commercial Student Information System, institutions are able to securely integrate their systems with Embanet.

“Existing online programs are now starting to hit a critical mass and new online programs typically experience high growth rates, all of which place additional strain on an institution’s resources and threaten the overall return on investment”, says Jeffrey E. Feldberg, Chairman of Embanet Corporation. “Many institutions do not realize the true costs of the problem, since adding more staff and resources seems like a natural decision when experiencing high growth. Worse yet, institutions who do not respond may not realize the full impact until attrition rates increase, by which point it may be too little too late.”

The time consuming task of student account creation; enrollment edits and ongoing attendance reporting is present on a daily basis. Couple this with instructors consistent monitoring of student persistence; it is not uncommon for online instructors to spend more time in administrative work than with interacting with students. Staff in the registrar office can be further blitzed with the manual tracking of student reports during an already busy time. While many learning platforms do provide reports, the custom reports required by most institutions as well as the integration into a student information system is typically not included.

Just as Embanet supports the majority of industry leading and industry standard learning platforms, the Embanet Campus WebPortâ„¢ is technologically agnostic for student information systems. As a result, an institution can experience significant time and money savings without having to change its systems.

“Data automation and student reporting is an often overlooked yet critically important area for any online program hoping to scale and maximize the return on investment”, says Waleuska L. Lazo, CEO of Embanet Corporation. “The Embanet Campus WebPortâ„¢ was created in direct response to the growing need to take the pressure and costs off the institution so it can focus on continuing to grow its online program. Over the years we have seen the significant time and capital savings institutions have experienced as a result of Embanet.”

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