Elluminate Live! 6.0 Delivers Industry Leading Live Video And Multimedia Capabilities In One Collaborative Solution

November 9, 2004

Pompano Beach, Florida – November 8, 2004 – Elluminate, Inc., a leading provider of live eLearning and Web conferencing solutions for corporations and academia, today announced Elluminate Live!TM 6.0, offering the industry’s most comprehensive rich media and cross platform support. This latest release builds on Elluminate’s innovative Java-based Collaborative Communication Framework (CCF) and delivers the highest quality user experience, expanding on the capabilities that established Elluminate as the most complete solution for collaborative, conferencing and eLearning markets.

Rich Media Capabilities
Elluminate Live! 6.0 offers the industry’s best rich media content support, including live video, multimedia content such as movie playback in Flash and Shockwave formats, and synchronized Web browsing with individual interaction. Built on Elluminate’s CCF, version 6.0 ensures crystal-clear two-way voice over the Internet and in-sync communications––regardless of connection speeds (including 28.8 kbps modems)––so there is never any lag time or garbled voices. CCF overcomes the intermittent reliability of the Internet, ensuring high-quality audio in every Elluminate Live! session and eliminating the need for additional teleconferences.

“Participants in over 30 of our LearningTimes communities use Elluminate Live!, and get the same high-quality and consistent online experience, regardless of type of computer or Internet connection speed,” said LearningTimes President and Founder Jonathan Finkelstein. “Whether producing a global online conference, teaching professional development courses for K-20 educators, or simply holding online office hours, with version 6.0, our members, partners and clients will benefit from Elluminate’s comprehensive online eLearning and collaboration environment.”

Cross-Platform Support
Elluminate Live! 6.0 has also enhanced its cross-platform support, enabling users on Windows, Macintosh, Java Desktop System (JDS/Linux) and Solaris to participate simultaneously in the same session without any performance degradation. These improvements illustrate the depth of features available to satisfy the needs of corporations and academia, and anyone involved in online collaboration, Web conferencing or eLearning. Users of Elluminate Live! 6.0 can lower meeting, training and learning costs, improve productivity and facilitate collaboration between participants.

“Elluminate Live! 6.0 taps into the massive community of users, developers and supporters that actively work on desktops running the Java, Solaris and Linux platforms,” said Art Pasquinelli, Director of Market Development, Global Education and Research at Sun Microsystems. “By providing solutions for both corporations and campuses, Elluminate provides real innovation and a richer user experience––the same reasons they choose the Java platform. They have also shown technological leadership in quickly adopting the Solaris 10 operating system, embracing its enhanced productivity and security features.”

Outstanding Return on Investment Elluminate Live! 6.0 delivers exceptional value through lower upfront and ongoing costs, resulting in a low total cost of ownership (TCO). This includes affordable monthly flat rates that allow organizations to save substantially compared to the costly software licensing fees required by other vendors, or the per-minute charges that can quickly accrue. Elluminate’s pricing provides users with an incentive to use Elluminate Live! as often and as long as needed, without worrying about accruing additional costs.

“Elluminate has helped hundreds of organizations––from corporations to traditional academia to online learning institutions––increase their efficiency and profitability through improved online collaboration, Web conferencing and eLearning,” said Rajeev Arora, Vice President of Strategy at Elluminate. “Elluminate Live! 6.0 expands the deep functionality customers have grown to expect from our product.”

“The improvements introduced in version 6.0 of Elluminate Live! represent a major enhancement in terms of quality and user experience,” said Alan Greenberg, senior analyst and consultant at Wainhouse Research. “By adding rich media capabilities and upgrading cross platform support, Elluminate Live! offers enterprises and academia a complete collaborative, conferencing and eLearning solution.”

Pricing and Availability
Elluminate Live! 6.0 will be available for purchase on November 22, 2004, directly from Elluminate, or through its network of qualified resellers worldwide. More information regarding purchase can be found at the Elluminate Website, http://www.elluminate.com.

About Elluminate, Inc.
Elluminate, Inc. provides the industry’s most comprehensive Web conferencing, collaboration and eLearning solutions for corporations and academic institutions. Its No User Left Behind™ technology ensures the highest quality user experience with superior audio, video, multimedia, and collaboration tools––regardless of Internet connection speed––across Windows, Mac, JDS (Linux) and Solaris platforms. Elluminate’s unique pricing structure encourages use, while delivering lower upfront costs and immediate ROI. Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and Pompano Beach, Fla., Elluminate serves corporate and academic organizations such as T-Mobile, Interstate Hotels and Resorts, Penn State University, Johns Hopkins University and many more. For more information, visit http://www.elluminate.com.

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