Electronic Journal for the Integration of Technology in Education

January 14, 2002

This new journal (http://ejite.isu.edu/)

will feature research findings, practical articles on technology integration,

book and software reviews, and commentary on technology topics of interest to

educators (PK-16).

The refereed journal will be produced by a team of graduate students in the

Educational Leadership program as a part of their Instructional Technology doctoral

classes. Students will be supervised by a board of faculty, who will assist

students in setting and maintaining editorial standards for the journal. The

journal will be published electronicallytwice each year (Winter and Spring)

in HTML and PDF formats.

Who Should Submit:

  • Students enrolled in Doctoral Programs in Instructional Technology or closely

    related fields.

  • Doctoral students writing as first author with a faculty member as second


  • Practicing PK-12 educators.
  • Post-Doctoral professionals within 5 years of graduation.

While the primary purpose of the online journal is to provide a forum for doctoral

student research, manuscripts from those who meet any of the above criteria

will be considered for publication in the journal.

Author Guidelines: http://ejite.isu.edu/submit.htm

Submission Deadlines:

Spring 2002 – Feb. 1, 2002

Winter 2002 – Aug. 15, 2002

Beverly Ray, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Idaho State University