Eduprise, Inc. Joins the Cisco iQ Ecosystem Program

June 8, 2001

Morrisville, NC, June 6, 2001 – Eduprise, the leading provider of enterprise e-learning services for education institutions and businesses, announced today that it has joined the Cisco iQ Ecosystem Program. As a member, Eduprise will work with Cisco Systems to develop and deliver a complete set of e-learning services that enable education providers to address the challenges and opportunities created by the rapidly changing landscape in education preferences and demographics.

Eduprise has aligned with the Cisco Worldwide Education organization and Cisco Internet Business Solutions Group to provide the services and technology required to enable the next phase of academic excellence and student convenience, while helping institutions achieve key business elements of their mission, such as increasing enrollments, revenues, and brand recognition. Eduprise provides a complete set of services that enable institutions to make these improvements to achieve enterprise-wide objectives and to do so more reliably, rapidly, and at lower cost than they can typically do on their own.

The Eduprise services include strategy development, implementation planning, integration of e-learning, portal, and back office systems, hosting of e-learning and portal technology, faculty development, 24×7 technical help desk for students and faculty, instructional design assistance, and course development services.

“Eduprise tailors services to the unique needs of each client in order to enhance their educational mission,” says Rob Abel, Vice President of Strategy and Business Development at Eduprise. “We share with Cisco two important elements that enable us to do this with a high degree of effectiveness – the passion for improving education and a long history of guiding and supporting education clients who would like to move ahead.”

The Cisco iQ Ecosystem Program is part of an overall Cisco iQ initiative intended to help companies understand their “Quotient Internet”or “iQ”so critical to competitive advantage in today’s Internet economy. Online resources on the iQ Web site are supplemented with a bimonthly print magazine and address Internet business solutions from customer care and workforce optimization to supply-chain management, revealing new ways to make business more agile, efficient, and competitive. The Cisco iQ Ecosystem Program comprises application vendors, systems integrators, and consultants, which, when combined with Cisco’s expertise and architectures, help to deliver end-to-end solutions.

About Eduprise, Inc.

Eduprise is the leader in designing, developing, and deploying private-labeled, enterprise e-learning solutions for education providers. Eduprise clients include higher education institutions, for-profit training and education firms, and corporate universities. Eduprise provides a complete range of services that are tailored to the needs of each client, focused on achieving key strategic objectives through the application of e-learning technology. To learn more about Eduprise, please visit

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Sandra DeCastro

Marketing Administration Manager

Eduprise, Inc.