EDUCAUSE Expands Online Guide to Evaluating Information Technology

January 29, 2001

BOULDER, Colorado — EDUCAUSE, the association dedicated to transforming higher education through information technology, has significantly expanded its Guide to Evaluating Information Technology on Campus. Since its introduction in the spring of 2000, the Guide has helped thousands of prospective college students and their parents evaluate the technology resources provided by the schools in which they were interested. The expanded version now provides more complete interpretive information, including data based on national norms, to build context and further assist in the decision-making process.

Brian L. Hawkins, EDUCAUSE president, says the new Guide provides a comprehensive method to help potential consumers better understand how colleges and universities are using information technology and networks to enhance classroom education, provide better administrative services, expand library access, and create more integrated societies of student learners.

“Even more importantly, the expanded Guide will help students and parents develop a context for thinking about these innovations, what they cost, and why they are important. This should provide an important service to families trying to find the just the right fit as they enter the higher education market,” Hawkins said.

The Guide offers information on four key areas: Academic Experience; Administrative Experience; Social Experience; and Requirements, Services, and Cost. Comparative information is provided for different categories of IT innovation for six institutional classifications: private and public two-year colleges; private and public four-year colleges; and private and public universities.

Since the Guide was introduced, a number of colleges and universities have either linked directly to the Web site or established special sections of their Web sites based on it. Among these are Cornell University, George Mason University, Macalester College, Utah State University, and Sam Houston State University. Hundreds more ordered copies of the brochure to pass out to prospective students. The Guide has been featured in stories appearing in the Chronicle of Higher Education, Business Week, and other national media and is increasingly referred to in a wide range of news reports about college choice.

The Guide was developed by EDUCAUSE in cooperation with the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) and with the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO). Hard copies of the Guide, without the charts and explanatory notes, can be ordered from the EDUCAUSE Web site. The complete Guide is available at the EDUCAUSE Web site,

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