Education World and Partner to Give Schools The Power to Publish

December 7, 2000

PRINCETON, N.J. — As a child, did you ever have the dream of publishing a book? Books celebrating ethnic diversity, condemning violence, and championing Mother Nature are on the reading lists of hundreds if not thousands of K-12 schools. In these budding American “think tanks” a new wave of student and teacher created books and learning materials is anticipated by and Education World, who today announced a partnership that will bring self-publishing to schools.

Educators and students from K-12 schools can now author books as a result of “It’s OUR Book, Write It Loud!” a new program provided by Education World ( ), the leading Internet resource center for K-12 educators, and, the leading ePublisher offering print-on-demand books.

By giving educators and students the power to publish, using Internet tools and print-on-demand technologies as the enablers, schools can eradicate barriers to publishing their own materials and selling instructional materials once held within the confines if their classroom walls and respective schools. There is a wealth of teacher and student knowledge in the world. Now it’s time to Write It Loud!

The program, “It’s OUR Book, Write It Loud!,” lets teachers and schools publish student-written books to help motivate kids and teach writing skills, promote school-community pride, and give participants in these activities hands-on experience with new technology. The technologies for self-publishing not only allow schools to embrace writing and reading in a new light, but schools can now drive initiatives that end up with a fundraising tool that’s a real book. A book that can be sold as a cavity-free alternative to the ever popular chocolate selling efforts. Students in any grade can sound off in paragraphs or contribute short essays about a compelling subject selected as the book’s theme. Selected student writings are merged into a final manuscript comprised of one chapter for every grade or class, which is published as a 6″ x 9″ perfect-bound book. Each book has a professionally designed full-color cover bearing the book’s title, the year of publication, and the schools name.

“Our partnership with gives schools, students, educators, and educational associations extraordinary access to revolutionary publishing- on-demand technology that is still cutting edge in the business community,” said Kevin Howell, Chief Executive Officer of Education World.

Howell added that educators are a huge and largely untapped reservoir of expertise devoted to the needs of children when it comes to the potential of their authoring instructional materials. “Our goal is to allow America’s educators to collectively become a leading source of supplementary instructional material in the U.S.,” said Gregory Hilbert, Vice President of Strategic Development of Education World. “Our quest on their behalf and those they serve begins where educators’ contributions are most needed, at the intersection of print and electronic technology.”

E-publishing is the second education-to-business (E2B) initiative launched by Education World to be embraced by the 28,000-member National Association of Elementary School Principals. E2B is a new approach for educators and businesses to work together, because it has educators initiating collaborative relationships with businesses, aiming to reinforce the leadership role of principals in schools and communities and thus obtaining from the private sector products and services better suited to the needs of education.

“We partnered with because they genuinely support education and appreciate our partnership with educators,” said Howell. “Only had the complete set of capabilities we needed to offer self- publishing programs that schools could adopt this school year,” said Howell.’s print-on-demand technology allows schools to order just the number of copies they need when they need them.

“We’re delighted to enable a worthwhile program that motivates all students to write and allows schools to proudly publish the results of their educational effort,” Richard Tam, President & CEO of “Teachers are one of the greatest resources our children have and their collective knowledge is immeasurable. This is very exciting and we hope to see everyone benefit from this, most of all our children — whose words are worth putting into print.”

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