eCollegeSM Offers Services to Make Online Course Content and Websites Accessible for the Disabled

March 27, 2002

DENVER – March 25, 2002 – eCollegeSM [Nasdaq: ECLG], the leading provider of technology

and services for online higher education programs, today announced it is offering

services to evaluate and upgrade an institution’s online course content and websites

to meet Section 508 federal accessibility guidelines, which require an institution’s

electronic and information technology be accessible to the disabled.

eCollege AUSM, the next generation of the company’s leading eLearning platform

released in December, already exceeds Section 508 standards by providing unprecedented

levels of accessibility and usability for blind, deaf and mobility-impaired

faculty and students. These new Section 508 compliant services are designed

to make an institution’s own content, including multimedia, accessible.

"These new services are a natural progression from our reengineered products

and services built to support superior levels of accessibility," said Oakleigh

Thorne, chairman and CEO of eCollege. "Under the Rehabilitation Act, many

institutions are required to comply with Section 508, or they run the risk of

civil liability. We have again gone above and beyond the minimum requirements

with this proactive effort to help institutions comply with federal guidelines,

making all of their eLearning content, and all of their websites in general,


eCollege can evaluate and upgrade content within courses and websites it has

developed, and generally those it has not developed. A team of course developers,

technical consultants and instructional designers experienced in industry standards,

guidelines and assistive technologies perform the Section 508 compliant services

evaluations and upgrades.

The evaluation entails a physical assessment to determine:

  • The content that conforms and does not conform to Section 508 standards.
  • Recommendations for bringing non-compliant content into compliance and next


The upgrade consists of executing the recommendations made in the evaluation


  • The development of code to make all content, including multimedia, compliant.
  • The documentation confirming that the content within the course/website

    is readable by leading screen readers such as JAWS and Window-Eyes, as well

    as accessible through closed-captioning text.

  • In addition to advancing its teaching platform and support services to exceed

    accessibility standards, the company has initiated the following activities:

  • eCollege recently started an internship program with the Colorado Center

    for the Blind, an affiliate of the National Center for the Blind, where members

    of the organization are getting involved in eCollege’s software development

    and support services.

  • Through its participation in the federal "Buy Accessible" program,

    eCollege is able to help its customers qualify for RFPs that require Section

    508 compliant offerings.

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