eCollege(SM) Introduces Open API as Web Service

September 30, 2002

eCollege(SM) [Nasdaq: ECLG] announced its newest Integration Solutions(SM) offering, leveraging .NET technologies to integrate faculty and student information between online programs managed within the eCollege platform and any student information system (SIS) or other administrative back-office data source. This announcement comes on the heels of the news announced last week regarding the eCollege-Microsoft commitment to .NET technologies.

“This open API for student and faculty information marks an important advancement in our Integrations Solutions as we strive toward more and more web service based integration offerings in the future,” said Mark Resmer, chief technology officer of eCollege. “Integration with our client institutions’ administrative systems has always been an important aspect of the solutions we provide. Going forward, using Microsoft BizTalk®, we will be able to transfer student and faculty information in a near real time manner through an open interface that does not require any proprietary technology, so it can be implemented by the institution, the SIS company, or as always, by our own technical consulting group.”

The open API creates XML requests in IMS Enterprise Specification v1.1 format to create student and faculty identities in the system, assign faculty and enroll students in courses, and update student and faculty information. Benefits include increased reporting and management efficiencies, simplified administrative processes by elimination of manual work, and a clear system of record where all student and faculty data resides.

“At eCollege we are committed to our clients’ success – this commitment drives us to continually advance our solutions in supporting large, fully online programs,” said Oakleigh Thorne, chairman and CEO of eCollege. “Directly in line with this mission is the ability to provide easier, more seamless integration options to assist the ways in which programs are administered on a broad basis, especially during the periods of exceptional growth that many of our clients are experiencing.”

The student information open API will enter beta test this Fall with a limited number of clients, prior to a full release in January, 2003. Additionally, eCollege’s Technical Consulting team is available to create custom features and integration with any type of administrative or academic application.

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