eCollegeSM Expands Contract with Illinois Virtual High School

July 31, 2001

DENVER – July 30, 2001 – eCollegeSM [Nasdaq: ECLG], an eLearning software and services provider, today announced it has been awarded an extended contract with the Illinois Virtual High School. eCollege’s eClassroomSM division, dedicated to serving the eLearning needs of K-12 educators, has powered the IVHS pilot program since its launch in January 2001.

“The Illinois Virtual High School brings high quality courses to students anywhere in Illinois. It opens doors to learning that many young people would not be able to access without online opportunities,” said Illinois Governor George H. Ryan. “We needed a technology partner that not only demonstrates superior technology and support services, but long-term viability as a leader in the industry. We’re very glad that eCollege will be that partner.”

“This extended contract reinforces IVHS’ confidence in eCollege as the eLearning platform, as well as its commitment to providing online education to an increasing number of students throughout the state,” said Oakleigh Thorne, chairman and CEO of eCollege. “Illinois is investing a considerable amount of time and money into the virtual high school program, and we look forward to taking them from a pilot program to helping them realize their goal of becoming the premier virtual high school in the country.”

eCollege’s eClassroom division built and hosts the IVHS portal

() for students to access their online courses, and it supports all faculty and students through a 24×7 help desk. Additionally, eCollege is organizing an effort to bring the state’s teachers together to develop online curriculum that will meet the Illinois Learning Standards.

“eCollege has proven itself in the field and throughout our 6-month IVHS pilot,” said State Superintendent Glenn W. McGee. “Not only does it provide a reliable platform and comprehensive services, but the staff are obviously dedicated to making IVHS and the opportunities for our students stronger and more expansive in the future.”

“Our quality platform in terms of reliability and ease-of-use is key to implementing a successful eLearning program, and IVHS recognized these strengths of ours. This contract both in terms of revenue and scope solidifies eClassroom as the leader in eLearning at the K-12 level,” concluded Thorne.

About IVHS

Established as part of Governor George H. Ryan’s VentureTech Initiative, Illinois Virtual High School uses new and emerging technologies that expand the boundaries of space and time. It provides Illinois students and their teachers with increased equity and access to the highest quality educational opportunities. The IVHS intends to deliver high-quality courses aligned with the Illinois Learning Standards.

About eCollege

eCollege [Nasdaq: ECLG] is an eLearning software and services provider. Comprised of educators and technologists, eCollege partners with colleges, universities, schools and corporations to design, build and support high quality learning communities. eCollege’s Educational Partners include such institutions as National University; Seton Hall University; University of Colorado; DeVry University, Inc.; Kentucky Virtual High School; and Microsoft Faculty Center. The company was founded in 1996 and is headquartered in Denver. For more information, visit

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