eCollege Releases eCollege Content Manager

January 12, 2005

DENVER – January 11, 2005 – eCollege® [Nasdaq: ECLG], a leading provider of value-added information services to the post-secondary education industry, today announced the release of eCollege Content Manager v1.0, which helps institutions centrally manage, standardize and reuse content across multiple programs, courses and sections. eCollege Content Manager is part of the Company’s overall product advancement framework, which focuses on helping institutions drive the profitable growth and ensure the regulatory compliance of their online programs.

“Given the magnitude and growth of our online programs, we needed a way to manage our curricular content more efficiently,” said Dr. Gary Heisserer, assistant vice president for Academic Affairs at Park University. “eCollege Content Manager responds to our needs by providing a centralized and flexible content repository. This functionality will help us ensure the quality and consistency of our online courses and will enhance student learning, student satisfaction, and overall program quality.”

eCollege has taken a unique approach to content management by creating a solution that goes beyond the file management capabilities that exist in current eLearning products. eCollege Content Manager is designed to help institutions efficiently manage all Web-based content items. Unlike self-standing content management or LCMS applications, the functionality is tightly integrated into eCollege’s course management system so users do not have to go outside of the course to create, edit, search for, and add content to a course or section.

eCollege Content Manager can help institutions:

Improve bottom line growth by reducing content creation and maintenance costs through a streamlined approach that allows institutions to update content once and immediately deliver it across many courses and sections.

Improve student retention by utilizing the content locking functionality to ensure a consistent, high quality student experience.

Improve regulatory compliance by standardizing content delivery, enabling more granular tracking of user learning outcomes, and providing a centralized view of program-wide content.

“Our core focus is on supporting the quality and profitability of our customers’ large-scale online operations, and with the implementation of eCollege Content Manager, we can further help our customers efficiently manage the aggressive growth of their programs, courses and digital content assets,” said Oakleigh Thorne, chairman and CEO of eCollege. “We’ve worked closely with our customers to identify their specific content management requirements and also tracked the increasing demand in the marketplace – we are pleased to have turned our vision into a reality.”

eCollege Content Manager v1.0 went live in December 2004 and is available for the 2005 spring term, starting this January. eCollege Content Manager v1.0 leverages a central repository where all content can be stored and searched for reuse. Administrators and instructors also can benefit from a personal repository where they can manage their own content. eCollege Content Manager v1.0 includes the following functionality:

Content Locking – the ability to secure standard content to ensure a consistent student experience across different sections of the same course.
Content Usage Reporting – the ability to identify how each object is used throughout various courses and sections.
Meta-Tag Searching – the ability to tag content in a way that complies with industry standards, enabling robust searches by content item and historical courses, as well as in-depth reporting and reusability.
Versioning – the ability to edit and save a draft version of content without publishing it while that content currently is being used so instructors can make changes mid-course.

eCollege collaborated with industry leaders Microsoft and HP in the design and development of eCollege Content Manager in order to create a solution specifically built to support the needs of the education industry. eCollege Content Manager is fully integrated into the eCollege platform, thereby simplifying content migration and reducing implementation efforts. The application is built on Microsoft .NET technology, and leverages HP solutions.

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