eCollege Provides New Level of Flexibility for Managing Large Online Programs

April 20, 2005

DENVER – April 19, 2005 – eCollege® [Nasdaq: ECLG], a leading provider of value-added information services to the post-secondary education industry, today announced the release of its enhanced Program Administration System, providing a new level of flexibility for administrators to more effectively manage large-scale online programs. The enhancements are part of eCollege’s overall product advancement framework, which includes a focus on operational efficiency to help institutions drive the profitable growth of their online programs.

eCollege’s unique Program Administration System is an integrated toolset that enables administrators to centrally or divisionally manage the overall planning, preparation and execution of online programs across multiple schools and campuses. The new advancements provider greater convenience by empowering administrators with a flexible solution that enables them to centrally create terms, create and duplicate single or mass courses, and manage enrollment, registration, communication and reporting processes. The advancements can help reduce operational costs and improve the speed and ease of processes such as large volume course creation and duplication.

“While we have always provided a cost-effective and efficient means for program management as part of our unique outsource solution, we wanted to give customers even more options for increased operational flexibility,” said Oakleigh Thorne, chairman and CEO of eCollege.

“We continue to maintain the high level of program administration support that our customers rely on, but now they have more choices to make processes as efficient as possible based on their organizational structure and individual needs. Whether the institution chooses to have processes managed by its eCollege support team or the administrators themselves, the ultimate goal is still to keep administrative and other related costs down even as the school’s online programs grow,” continued Thorne.

eCollege’s Program Administration System has been instrumental in helping customers build, manage and grow some of the largest and most successful online programs in the country. As part of its Program Administration System, eCollege supports administrators during all phases of the development, implementation and delivery of an online program. eCollege’s support teams will continue to provide the level of administrative support that each customer wants. Each customer is supported by a client services consultant, as well as a cross-functional backup team, who work together to provide operational expertise and assist program administrators in managing complex programs, especially during times of strong enrollment growth and peak user activity.

About eCollege
eCollege [Nasdaq: ECLG] is a leading provider of value-added information services to the post-secondary and K-12 education industries. The Company’s eLearning Division designs, builds and supports some of the most successful, fully online degree, certificate/diploma and professional development programs in the country. The Company’s Enrollment Division, Datamark, Inc., helps institutions build new enrollments and increase student retention. Customers include publicly traded for-profit institutions, community colleges, public and private universities, school districts and state departments of education. eCollege was founded in 1996 and is headquartered in Denver. Datamark was founded in 1987 and is headquartered in Salt Lake City. For more information, visit and

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