eCollege AUSM Takes eLearning Courseware to a Whole New Level

January 24, 2002

DENVER – January 23, 2002 – eCollegeSM [Nasdaq: ECLG], the leading provider

of technology and services for online education programs, today announced that

eCollege AUSM, the next generation of its leading eLearning platform, provides

enhanced features not available through any other platform on the

market. Created entirely from faculty direction, eCollege AU is all "About

YouSM" – it’s about greater customization, about increased usability and

about unparalleled accessibility.

"eCollege AU reflects years of working with faculty members and really

listening to what they want and need in a teaching platform," said Oakleigh

Thorne, chairman and CEO of eCollege. "Our collaboration has resulted in

a platform that achieves new levels of customization, usability and accessibility,

exceeding both current and announced releases of competitive platforms."

Experienced product developers, instructional designers and faculty were responsible

for creating eCollege AU, a courseware so advanced it sets a new standard in

the functionality of eLearning tools.

* Accessibility – Exceeds Section 508 compliance through

enhanced courseware and comprehensive support services for disabled students

and faculty.

* ClassLiveSM – Offers an integrated suite of synchronous

tools including extensive math/science/accounting capabilities; graphing and

equation toolbars to facilitate live problem solving.

* CourseFlex NavigationSM – Gives faculty the option of

organizing their course the way they want, by sequential unit (e.g. week 1,2,3,

etc); feature/category (e.g. threaded discussions, readings, exams, etc.); or

a combination of both.

* Gradebook CalculatorSM – Provides unique functionality in

weighting, calculating and displaying grading components, as well as the student’s

overall grade.

* Content ConnectorSM – Allows for unique content linking to a

specific area of the course and/or course tools, enabling directed self-gating,

remediation and exam feedback references.

* Exam Builder PlusSM – Increases existing exam building

functionality by adding kick-out options, password protection, time-specific

scheduler, naming options and easy edit points.

* Course SchedulerSM – Operates as the centralized schedule

point for editing all access and end dates of exams, activities and units.

"We truly appreciate working with a company that not only listens to our

feedback, but also acts on it," said Deb Davidson, distance education coordinator

for the University of Massachusetts. "We are very excited about the advanced

features, especially ClassLive, which will help those departments that were

in need of more comprehensive math, accounting and chemistry tools – it’s opening

new doors for them. We believe the enhancements eCollege has made to an already

robust platform will help our faculty and students do more with eLearning than

was ever possible before."

eCollege’s fully hosted solution enables all of its customers to take advantage

of the latest advancements immediately with no additional purchase, upgrade

or installation required. eCollege AU has been pushed out in a series of releases

beginning December 18th, and is now seamlessly

deployed at all schools using the eCollege SystemSM.

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