Dynamic I-T, Inc. Expands E-Learning Program To Asia

November 1, 2001

Dynamic I-T, Inc. (OTCBB:DYNM – news), a provider of cutting-edge executive education to major companies worldwide via distance learning formats under its L-earnbiz brand, today announced a strategic partnership with MJ Education and its Beijing-based MJ International Business School of Northern Jiatong University (“NJTU”) and California based subsidiary ACP University (http://www.acpu.org). Completing this partnership marks another milestone in the Company’s business plan to penetrate the lucrative international market.

The distance learning seminars and on-site courses available for this specific program will include Leadership, E-business and Marketing strategies, in addition to Supply Chain Management. Both organizations are committed to offering high quality seminars that provide the latest in managerial technologies on a global level. The cost of the courses will range from $500 to $1000 dollars per participant, depending upon duration, which can fluctuate from one weekend to two full weeks in length and will become available beginning in January 2002. Each of the distance learning seminars will be produced utilizing the methodology developed by Dynamic’s strategic partner, Signorelli & Associates (http://www.saiwrite.com) and a number of the on-site courses will be video taped and transferred to DVD and the Internet for distribution throughout China.

“The increasing demand for continued quality development in upgrading professional business skills is at an all time high,” stated Spencer Young, President and CEO of Dynamic, I-T, Inc. “The increasing market for distance learning enables our Company to begin leveraging itself for growing our niche business on an international basis, which should create notable and enhanced shareholder value for the Company.”

Privatized schooling in China does not limit the number of students that can attend these types of courses that is usually found within the public educational forum. The MJ International School of NJTU, through joint efforts at their four campuses, offers high quality and affordable degree education and Accelerated Certificate Programs through localized online education to help satisfy needs in countries with less developed higher education systems such as those found in the Asia Pacific Region, including China.

According to Haisheng Zhou, the President of MJ Education, “In the past decade, the primary focus of China’s education system has been to improve the Country’s business, marketing and management skills and bring about competent students in all aspects of China’s development. Currently, the Chinese education market faces a severe bottleneck: more and more people are longing for higher learning yet the Chinese market is in short supply. This situation especially applies to college and university level study. In 1999, more than 2.6 million students graduated from high school in China, but only 1.3 million of them stood a chance for higher learning. Therefore going abroad for higher learning has increasingly become a social phenomenon that poses certain challenges to the future of Chinese business enterprise. By instituting qualified distance learning programs developed by Dynamic I-T, we hope to promote higher learning opportunities for Chinese students within China’s education institutional framework.”

About MJ Education

Headquartered in Beijing, the People’s Republic of China, MJ Education is a higher education management company dedicated to developing and marketing international education programs in China. In partnership with Northern Jiatong University (“NJTU”), the company has acquired 100% management control of NJTU’s MJ International Business School to meet the increasing student population for the continuing education market. MJ International Business School is approved by the Ministry of Education of China to offer international education programs to any number of students without regard to government limitations on the number of students. For more information, please visit the MJ Education site at http://www.mjedu.com.cn.

About Dynamic I-T, Inc.

Headquartered in Santa Monica, California, Dynamic I-T, Inc. is a provider of cutting-edge, executive education seminars to senior executives in major companies and organizations worldwide via distance learning formats. Through exclusive agreements with world-renowned academics, the Company blends the best characteristics of Executive Education and a low cost delivery platform to provide specialized seminars for Corporate America. For more information, please visit the Company’s Web site at http://www.L-earnbiz.com.

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