DRAFT — New FCC Form 525, Competitive Carrier Line Count Report, Available for Review

March 23, 2005

The new form allows CETCs to submit data for one or more of the High Cost components (on a disaggregated level, if applicable) and includes certification pages for the reporting carrier and/or the authorized agent of the reporting carrier. The new form will also collect UNE data necessary to determine proper support payments for both incumbent and competitive carriers. While pending final OMB approval, competitive carriers are encouraged to review and familiarize themselves with the form and instructions as CETCs will be required to use the form once approved.

USAC will notify CETCs when the form is approved and required for use. Click here to review the new FCC Form 525. In the meantime, any questions or comments on the new FCC Form 525 or its instructions should be directed to USAC’s High Cost Customer Service Center at 1-877-877-4666 or via E-mail questions@HCLI.universalservice.org.