Dozens of New Products and Services for Online Learning to be Introduced At E-Learning Conference and Expo

April 3, 2001

SANTA ANA, Calif.– Hundreds of technology companies are getting ready for the largest e-learning event which will take place April 17-20, 2001 at the Washington, DC Convention Center. Thousands of corporate, academic and government professionals are expected to walk the show floor and attend the educational seminars. As of press time, the following exhibiting companies provided information about the products and services that they will be showcasing on the show floor.

Audible, Inc.

Jonathan Korzen



AudibleEnterprise allows delivery of customized, timely and secure

audio training and information on any organization's latest products

or services to an exclusive audience. Corporations can use Audible's

powerful digital audio delivery system to create and deliver

customized sales, product, corporate communications and competitive

industry information in digital audio for remote access by the

company's mobile employees.

Cool School Systems

Steve Albamesc



Csi Online e-Learning Training Environment will be showcasing the

following products:

1.Csi Custom School-Complete online school shell

with administration and e-commerce store.

2.Csi Custom Classroom-Complete learning center shell without


3.Csi Test Center-Instruction and student tools for

testing on the internet.

4.Csi Disc/CD-ROM/DVD-Course delivering system. production training.


Philip Zoller

904-281-2200 #3336-tel.


Inspire is a training (e-learning) management system that includes

an authoring component, media manager, course manager and a system

manager-which is the built-in LMS. This product was built for

instructional designers and technical writers to eliminate the need

for programming and increase the focus on learning.

Generation21 Learning


Leslie Moore



Generation21 Learning Systems will release Version 3.1 of its

Total Knowledge Management™ (TKM™) system. TKM™ incorporates

Dynamic Learning Objects™, reducing the cost of developing,

publishing, and revising training content and enables "tailored

learning." Version 3.1 will: 1. Give multiple levels of controlled

access for proprietary content. 2. Provide for elimination of search

result clutter. 3. Allow an organization to build one model that

provides the foundation for knowledge management, access & reporting.

GeoLearning, Inc.

William Hipwell



GeoExpress is a new learning management system specifically for

mid-sized companies to deliver, track and manage Web-based training.

The LMS also includes a courseware authoring tool, test creation

engine, and real-time chat, scheduling and communication tools.

Instructional Technology & Distance

Education Nova Southeastern


Marsha L. Burmeister, Ed.D.

800-986-3223 #8572-tel.

The M.S. and Ed.D. program in Instructional Technology and

Distance Education (ITDE) offers "the best of both worlds" in graduate

education.  The programs combine face-to-face and distance learning.

Clusters are opening in Florida, South Dakota, Venezuela, Jamaica, and


KC-EP, Inc.

Kris McCurry



Web Now Training Conversion Service converts classroom training to

web-based training, including workbooks, manuals and other paper-based



Allyson Acker



KnowledgeNet MOBILE is a self-paced delivery solution on handheld

devices for enterprises that seek powerful e-learning content in a

mobile format. Its only requirement is a Web browser with the

Macromedia Flash player installed. KnowledgeNet MOBILE enables

business and IT professionals to enjoy the same quality of full

multimedia training content from KnowledgeNet, regardless of whether

they access the training from their desktop, laptop, or handheld


LogicBay Corporation

Eva Keiser



LogicBay Corporation's LogicBuilder™ 3 is an industry leading

suite of development tools and services which utilizes a sophisticated

Reusable Learning Object architecture approach. LogicBuilder 3 enables

automated content conversion, rapid custom courseware development and

the ability to deliver a personalized learning experience to each

individual user.

Lore International Institute

Jen Vosper



Lore introduces its integrated e-learning courses in business

development and interpersonal skills. The company terms e-learning as

ee-learning™, which is experiential e-learning. ee-learning is

defined as a multi-sensory learning process that uses cause and effect

situations to encourage learners to build comprehension, skill and

value. The training event includes pre and post-work online and a

one-day classroom session.

Mentix, LLC

Deborah Kenion

877-900-3818 ext. 563

Mentix, LLC, a developer of web-based products, introduces

Accelerate r+, a web- or PC-based learning platform. Successful

training is having people know faster and remember longer. That is the

essence of Accelerate r+. Accelerate r+ is not just a computerized

page-turner, it presents information in a compelling format, turning

passive participants into active learners.


Iva Kocijan

212-226-2788 #1122-tel.


iAuthor is a web-based authoring system, which allows the user to

work collaboratively from different locations, and is compliant with

SCORM standards. iAuthor is scalable, designed for large,

enterprise-wide installations.

OPTX International/Screenwatch

Jan Britton



OPTX ScreenWatch™ 3.0 now supports Windows Media™ and

high-color, 16-bit screen capture. ScreenWatch, the first

true-to-source screen capture and streaming solution, is the only

software supporting RealNetworks™ and Windows Media servers. With

lossless streaming of live and archived screen content over the

Internet or Intranet, ScreenWatch records a range of screen

resolutions in high or low bandwidths.


Elizabeth Hoey


Pathlore will feature the availability of its newly enhanced LMS,

which is fully AICC- and SCORM-compliant, and features advanced

testing and assessment functionality to securely develop and deploy

performance-based assessments over the Internet. In addition, Pathlore

LMS now supports Centra Software's Symposium 4.0, in addition to

Centra 99.


Jeremy Kehoe



Quisic will unveil three proprietary programs: 1.e-Business

Series, which equips learners with the fundamental knowledge to become

informed decision-makers. 2.Radical Innovation, developed with Gary

Hamel, which provides businesses the tools to take ideas from

experiment to implementation. 3.Online Bridge Program, developed with

the Tuck School of Business, which empowers learners to master

business fundamentals.


Julie Gouldin



TANDBERG's new software platform B2 operates on the TANDBERG range

of videoconferencing systems. The software capitalizes on advances in

IP technology (H.323) and broadband services. The TANDBERG Scholar

Series integrates the advanced technology of the TANDBERG 2500 codec

with our distance education design for a highly affordable solution.

Several modular configurations are available.

The Avenue Group, Inc.

Amanda Paul



The Avenue A Group is the only authorized training partner in the

world for AuthorIT. AuthorIT generates hard copy, Windows on-line

Help, HTML Help, and HTML pages from a single source while retaining

the specific features and characteristics of each media. The company

developed the classroom-based and Internet-based training materials

for the software product.

THINQ Learning Solutions

Cyril Willenbrock



THINQ TrainingServer™ LMS provides an advanced web-based

learner and administrator interface, while delivering global

capability, flexibility and scalability. Based on n-tier architecture,

the LMS combines enhanced launch and track mechanisms for e-learning

content and integrations with leading third party learning tools.

THINQ Learning Center offers a library of learning content with a new

search engine and improved branding capabilities. This new platform

gives greater overall flexibility and responsiveness while offering

deeper integration with other THINQ products.

TODD Video Network Management, Inc.

Mary Ann Hutchins



TC Reliance™ Video Manager is a suite of software products for

administration, reservations and conference automation for

videoconferencing networks. Features include: Options for third party

scheduling interfaces to TC Reliance Conference Solutions® and

Microsoft® Outlook and Conference Viewer for a real-time display of

conference and status.


Mandy Dempsey


Trainersoft announces the release of the fully scalable Manager

2.0 (LMS). Trainersoft Manager is designed to seamlessly integrate

courses created with Trainersoft authoring software, other kinds of

Web-based learning or IMS/SCORM compatible courseware. Manager

provides organizations with an enterprise training management solution

to manage employees, assign training tasks, view progress reports and

evaluate performance data.

Training Technologies, INC.

Renee Reed



iFeedback Online™ is an Internet survey software application

service provider (ASP) marketed to measure and evaluate such things as

customer's levels of satisfaction, employee feedback, Help Desk

Evaluations, and customer buying trends. It can be used for any

survey, assessment, audit or poll. iFeedback Online assists

organizations wanting to conduct 360 Degree Feedback surveys with

their employees.

WolfVision, Inc.

Andrea mayer



WolfVision announces the new Progressive Scan Visualizer series.

All new Progressive Scan Visualizers output SXGA, XGA, SVGA, USB, DVI,

PAL and NTSC signals. Data outputs are at 75Hz (switchable to 60Hz)

refresh rates. New features include, high-resolution portrait mode,

9-image memory and image transfer to a PC.

X.HLP, Inc.

Stephen Walsh

781-890-2211 #516-tel.


X.HLP, Inc. is an enterprise-wide learning solution for rapid content

creation, interactive simulations, testing, and on-line help.  The

company is new to the US market.

Sponsoring companies include Astound, Inc., Oracle, Click2Learn,

EDS, Mentergy, Digital Think, Element K, Instruction Set, SmartForce,

VCampus, THINQ Learning Solutions, Frost & Sullivan, NYUonline, Peer3

and Quisic. Sponsoring Associations include the American Management

Association, the United States Distance Learning Association, the

Federal Government Distance Learning Association, the Washington Metro

Distance Learning Association, the Instruction Management Association,

the Information Technology Training Association, the Digital Learning

Association, the International Multimedia Collaborative Communications

Alliance and the International Multimedia Telecommunications

Consortium. To attend, exhibit or speak at e-learning 2001, visit

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