USDLA’s Dr. Flores Invites Comments on Draft Proposal of Collaborative for Quality in Alternative Learning

March 26, 2017

Last week Dr. John G. Flores, CEO and Executive Director of Distance Learning Association  (USDLA) attended the  President’s Forum for Collaborative for Quality in Alternative Learning (CQAL).  The meeting focused on the development and  creation of an entity that will be responsible for certifying alternative educational course credentials. In addition , Dr. Flores attended the E-Learning caucus meeting at the US House of Representatives for a discussion of the Proposal Draft for Comment on CQAL: Collaborative for Quality in Alternative Learning. Congressmen Jared Polis from Colorado and Luke Messer from Indiana co chair the caucus. USDLA has been at the table since the inception in partnership with the President’s forum. The goal is to establish a review entity allowing for post secondary institutions to be able to review and certify credit from alternative educational experiences, such as offered through MOOCs and independent courses.

Dr. Flores would like to receive any comments or observations regarding the proposal draft that can be downloaded here.


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