DLI [Distance Learning, Inc.] Provides Site Builder, Content Builder and Video Conferencing in One Solution

December 1, 2004

“ScribeStudio 2.0 is a major step forward for subscribers,” said DLI Chairman and CEO John Cervieri. “We gathered great feedback over the last two months from our nearly 800 beta testers, which guided us in improving and developing key features and functionality for 2.0.”

For example, Subscribers will immediately notice Video Conferencing, a great addition to the course and site building functionality of ScribeStudio.com. In addition, ScribeStudio now includes an “Add Document” functionality, an easy to use tool to upload any Office document. This feature means that Subscribers’ good training material from the offline era can be brought with them and used online.

This release also introduces polling and survey functionality, a feature requested by our testers. Subscribers can now find out what their Learners think of their course, or of any other topic – and do it much more cost effectively than alternative offline or online solutions.

More tech savvy Subscribers might take advantage of ScribeStudio’s improved ability to link with external web servers and Internet resources, such as file sharing networks, databases, web applications, and more. This capability allows Subscribers to work within their ScribeStudio account and benefit from the easiest to use authoring tools on the market, while leveraging any documents, folders or files that might exist on a corporate intranet or web-accessible location.

“DLI’s educational and business goals continue to include easier and more cost effective solutions for educators,” continued Cervieri. “High costs, budgetary constraints and the technical requirements of e-learning products historically have prevented most educators from using and benefiting from the web as a platform for their programs. Because ScribeStudio is web-based, we look forward to adding new features and functionalities that will continue to maintain ScribeStudio as the best product in the e-learning and training markets.”

For more information and a 30-day Free Trial, visit http://www.scribestudio.com/marketing/283.html.

About Distance Learning, Inc.
DLI is an independent software company that designs, develops and delivers cost-effective applications for e-learning and training. Its complete solution suite includes software and professional services for the corporate, academic and government markets.

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