Distance-Educator.com’s Zine Is Going Weekly!

January 17, 2001


January 17, 2001,

SAN DIEGO, January 17, 2001 – – We are pleased to announce that starting

January 22, 2001, Distance-Educator.com’s Zine, will be published on a

weekly basis, instead of bi-weekly as in the past.

We will continue to feature:

  • articles from leaders in the field

  • book and software reviews,

  • a data base of recent books on distance education,

  • a data base of conferences in the field.

as well as tools and many other informative and useful information.

As Dr. Saba founder of Distance-Educator.com has stated, “An online revolution in education is taking place and Distance-Educator.com Inc. is leading the way. Today, 40,000+ professionals read our online zine each month and our goal for this resource is to provide insight into the future of eLearning.” Distance-Educator.com has several exciting projects in development and this is only one of many announcements. The company intends to expand their reach to millions of

others who are committed to reinventing teaching and the process of learning

in the 21st century.

Distance-Educator.com’s zine is not affiliated with any product, or

organization, and such maintains an independent editorial policy. We have

provided a single source of unbiased information about all aspects of

distance education since 1995 on the web, and we are pleased that our weekly

format will allow us to be of more service to our visitors.

About Distance-Educator.com

Distance-Educator.com, a privately held company based in San Diego, CA, is

the distance education hub for educators, learners, and designers in the

field. With 30 years of experience in distance education, Farhad Saba, Ph.

D., co-founder and CEO of Distance-Educator.com and founder of Distance

Education Report, is one of the pioneers in the field of Distance Education.

The company, which has already developed relationships with many top

Internet, media and publishing companies, and prominent universities is well

positioned to bring new teaching and learning solutions to the field, and

dramatically change the face of eLearning. For more information, visit the

Distance-Educator.com web site at http://www.distance-educator.com.

Distance-Educator.com is a trademark of Distance-Educator.com, Inc. All

rights reserved. All other trademarks mentioned are the property of their

respective owners.

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