DigitalThink Surpasses One Millionth Enrollment

February 28, 2001

San Francisco, CA – Five years ago DigitalThink (NASDAQ: DTHK) experienced its very first milestone: it introduced e-learning to the world. Today, DigitalThink announces the latest in a series of important milestones: it has surpassed 1,000,000 enrollments in its award-winning courseware offered through both its comprehensive catalog of titles and the custom solutions it has built for its leading Global 2000 customers.

“This is a proud day for me and for all of DigitalThink,” said chairman and CEO Pete Goettner. “Five years ago, we started the company to revolutionize the way businesses improve the knowledge and abilities of their people, their customers and their sales channels by using the Internet. One million enrollments is an impressive testimonial that we are fulfilling the promise of our founding principle.”

Moreover, Goettner anticipates hitting the two millionth enrollment mark by December 2001 – one-fifth the time it took to reach the first million enrollments. “That we continue to enroll people in courses at such an amazing rate is a clear indication that we’re delivering value to global enterprises with large numbers of learners and an engaging experience to the learners themselves who keep coming back to take more of our courses,” said Goettner.

Since its founding, DigitalThink has amassed a customer roster of more than 350 businesses, most of which are global enterprises tackling complex business issues using e-learning. Through its offices in the San Francisco Bay Area and in London, DigitalThink now delivers e-learning business solutions in multiple languages, localized for countries around the globe all while achieving continuously high learner satisfaction ratings.

DigitalThink’s largest customer engagements are fueling growing enrollments. For instance, at Charles Schwab, the Schwab Learning Center, which features e-learning developed and deployed by DigitalThink, has been heavily promoted on its Web site – one of the busiest in the world. Users of the courses consistently rate them an average of 9 out of a possible 10 for engaging content and overall experience. As a result, Schwab recently agreed to build on its initial engagement with DigitalThink in order to expand the e-learning offering available at the Schwab Learning Center.

Other examples of impressive enrollments and high end-user satisfaction include Circuit City, where enrollments by sales associates engaged in introductory and product training have surpassed 400,000. At GE Capital, for which DigitalThink developed, localized and delivered an e-business curriculum in five languages for as many countries, an e-learning initiative was recently launched to more than 40,000 people – in just over six weeks.

A major contributing factor to DigitalThink’s high corporate customer and end-user satisfaction rates is the performance of its proprietary e-learning platform. DigitalThink regularly engages Keynote, a Web site performance measurement company, to track DigitalThink’s performance against its nearest competitors and against the 40 busiest Web sites in the world. DigitalThink’s site is consistently available 99 per cent of the time while its nearest competitor registered down time of as much as 42 per cent in the last three months. And DigitalThink regularly beats the 40 busiest Web sites in the world by as much as five percentage points in the last three months.

“DigitalThink’s ability to deliver industrial strength e-learning to its corporate customers and end users has led to an enviable record of repeat business,” said Justin Ford, vice president of learning strategy and development at DigitalThink. “Combined with wide recognition in the press and the awards we’ve received, it’s clear DigitalThink has emerged as the best-of-breed e-learning business solutions provider, a position we intend to hold and advance going forward.”

DigitalThink is the most recognized provider of e-learning solutions to Global 2000 companies, with accolades including:

  • Smart Business magazine – “Best of the Best MVP” for corporate training (January 2001)

  • InformationWeek – Innovation 100 list (December 2000)

  • magazine – “Best of the Web” for corporate training (August 2000)

  • CIO magazine – CIO 2000 Web Business 50/50 Award, for the third year in a row (July 2000)

  • Computerworld Smithsonian Award in Education and Academia (May 2000)

  • PC Computing magazine – Only five-star rating for e-learning (March 2000)

The DigitalThink E-Learning Experience

DigitalThink e-learning business solutions are created using an innovative blend of learning strategies and creative expertise that consistently wins awards. Courseware and other e-learning business solutions are built on and deployed from its powerful, XML and Java-based e-learning platform, which allows for rich interactivity and engaging content via any standard Web-browser. DigitalThink’s e-learning platform also allows for the inclusion of tutor support throughout every course – actual subject matter experts available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to answer questions, review and comment on submitted exercises and grade quizzes, all via the Web. A fully integrated learning management system allows managers to track and report on groups of users down to the individual level, measuring both completion rates and comprehension. And DigitalThink’s e-learning platform easily integrates with third-party learning management systems and other enterprise software applications to achieve the greatest possible efficiencies across systems.

About DigitalThink

DigitalThink, Inc. (NASDAQ: DTHK) is the leading provider of e-learning business solutions to Global 2000 companies. DigitalThink is at work training employees, making sales channels more effective and assuring customer loyalty at smart companies such as Sun Microsystems, EDS, Deutsche Bank, GE Capital, KPMG Consulting, The Gallup Organization, Charles Schwab & Company, Cisco Systems and Circuit City.

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