Download Report: Digital Literacy In Higher Eduction

September 10, 2017

Digital Literacy In Higher Eduction

Digital Literacy in Higher Education, Part II: An NMC Horizon Project Strategic Brief explores the landscape of digital literacy as it relates to advancing more authentic learning in campus settings. Supported by Adobe, the aim of this independent research is to illuminate current frameworks, exemplars, and challenges that are impacting the evolution of this pressing topic. The brief is intended to contribute to the body of knowledge used by the higher education community to inform strategic planning around digital literacy initiatives.

This publication is a follow-up to the New Media Consortium’s (NMC) 2016 strategic brief on digital literacy,1 which established baseline definitions of digital literacy, citing key commentary and models along with best practices and recommendations for implementing successful digital literacy initiatives. It relied on a survey of hundreds of NMC members. The NMC’s initial US-focused work underscored that digital literacy transcends the basic operations of using a technology. In this understanding, learners must be able to combine those skills with reflection, imagination, and awareness of their implications in order to perform a task or produce an object that would otherwise not be possible without the technology.

New Media Consortium Horizon Project