Designer’s Edge Blended e-Learning Course Trains Customers and VARs

June 18, 2001

The new course is available now and is a live Web-based training course on Designer’s Edge using LearnLinc 5.0, a virtual classroom environment where students can interact with the teacher online. The training is a blend of live instruction over the Web, self-paced exercises on CD-ROM, and certification testing for those who wish to become Allen Certified Designers. They expect certification can be accomplished in five days with an investment of less than 16 hours of online and self-paced study, without the expense and inconvenience of travel.

Designer’s Edge was built by instructional experts to walk trainers through

the entire instructional design process, from analysis to evaluation. The

tool gives trainers the ability to create storyboards for CBT, WBT, live

e-Learning, and stand-up classroom instruction that incorporates clear

objectives, and matches learning strategies with learning styles and


The LearnLinc virtual classroom allows an instructor to teach and control a class of distributed students using audio conferencing, with the

interaction and flexibility found in a traditional classroom. Interactive

learning tools include instructor/student floor control, class coordination,

synchronized courseware, application sharing, whiteboard, text chat,

breakout groups, record and playback, polling, feedback and TestLinc

(Web-based testing and assessment).

“The blending of our software training with our live e-Learning delivery

system demonstrates the exciting synergies Mentergy brings to the

market,” commented Ziv Mandl, president and CEO of Mentergy. “Our customers and resellers appreciate the effectiveness and convenience of Designer’s Edge training, which is now available anywhere in the world. By combining the LearnLinc live e-Learning environment with CD-ROM instruction, we can deliver Designer’s Edge certification in record time.”

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