Dekker Agrees To Develop Print Content And Host Distance Learning For NCTT’s Telecommunications Curriculum

December 15, 2000

New York — Marcel Dekker, Inc., publisher of high quality

scientific, technical, and medical information, announced today it will

develop and market a telecommunications technology curriculum focusing on

e-training and complementary print publications in partnership with the

Northeast Center for Telecommunications Technologies (NCTT), a nationwide

leader in telecommunications education.

Under the administrative direction of Springfield Technical Community

College (STCC) in Massachusetts, the center is funded by the college, the

National Science Foundation, and partners in industry, including JDS

Uniphase Corporation, Verizon, Nortel, and Telecordia. NCTT is emerging as

the national standard-bearer for disseminating instructional materials and

developing model programs that highlight workforce training, as well as

networking, wireless, and lightwave technologies for the telecommunications


“NCTT is building an educational framework to satisfy the demand of industry

and academia for people who have computer science, electrical, optical, and

physics training,” said Russell Dekker, Dekker’s chief publishing officer.

“Dekker’s experience in publishing, and our quickly expanding skill with

digital products and web information delivery makes this an exciting


“NCTT has developed a telecommunications curriculum that will attract and

recruit qualified students and carry them through to an associate’s or

bachelor’s degree in engineering technology, plus attract professionals in

industry looking to sharpen and expand their knowledge,” said John Dunn,

Executive Vice-President, STCC. “By producing our materials digitally and

in print, Dekker will be essential in structuring and supporting our


Dekker and NCTT will collaborate on developing state-of-the-art, alternate

methods of delivering instruction, including virtual laboratories and

distance learning courses, in addition to publishing Experiments

in…telecommunications topics and a new series of telecommunication

technology texts.

Marcel Dekker, Inc. is a privately-held, international publishing firm

specializing in scientific, technical, and medical (STM) works. Dekker

publishes journals, reference books, textbooks, encyclopedias, newsletters,

and databases for students, researchers, and practitioners in a variety of

disciplines from its offices in New York and Switzerland. The entire Dekker

catalog of products is available through

Springfield Technical Community College (STCC) and its Northeast Center for

Telecommunications Technologies (NCTT) are nationally recognized leaders in

telecommunications and information technologies education. By designing,

developing, and implementing a new model for telecommunications technology

education, NCTT trains individuals to help U.S. industry maintain its

competitive edge in the global telecommunications marketplace.

Contact Information:

Jeff Stockton

Marcel Dekker, Inc.

212/696-9000 X 230