Datatel Launches First Comprehensive Continuing Education Solution for Higher Education

November 19, 2002

LONG BEACH, Ca. – November 19, 2002 – Datatel, Inc., the premier provider of enterprise information management solutions for higher education, today announced the availability of the first all-inclusive Continuing Education Solution for colleges and universities. The cost-effective services and software package enables Clients to customize their Colleague based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems to meet the unique process needs of their continuing education departments.

An estimated 90 million adults are searching for continuing education courses and Datatel’s Continuing Education Solution will help colleges and universities harness the power of their institutions’ existing ERP systems to manage the potential increase in registration and business activity. Datatel’s comprehensive solution includes a collection of Web workflows, training workshops, and professional consulting services to meet the different needs of higher education institutions.

“Datatel is first to market with a complete, comprehensive package for continuing education departments,” said Shahron Williams van Rooij, Datatel director of product marketing. “No other vendor offers all the necessary components – Web workflow, training, and consulting – to address the unique business needs of each Client. Continuing Education Departments have unique systems of operation, and each uses Colleague in a very specific manner. Datatel’s comprehensive Continuing Education Solution allows them to leverage the full power of Colleague most effectively.”

Datatel’s Continuing Education Solution includes a Web workflow, Instant Enrollment WebAdvisor Workflow. This workflow provides students with a convenient way to browse continuing education courses and schedules, select and register for courses, and make payments through a Web browser.

Datatel’s Continuing Education Workshops were designed to help Clients maximize Colleague’s automation capabilities and fully review the system to best capitalize on its full functionality. Customized consulting by Datatel’s expert professionals is another component of the package.

About Datatel, Inc.

Datatel is the leading provider of fully integrated enterprise information management solutions for higher education. Headquartered in Fairfax, Va., the company has nearly 600 Client Institutions throughout North America. For more than 20 years, Datatel has exclusively focused on meeting the needs of colleges and universities, helping institutions operate more smoothly and efficiently so they may better serve their constituents., and to better leverage resources enterprise-wide. The combination of Datatel’s advanced technology solutions, the unmatched expertise of Datatel’s Professional Services consultants, and a host of Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) training workshops offered through The Center for Institutional EffectivenessTM, provides Clients with everything they need to meet their business goals.

Datatel Professional Services

Datatel Professional Services increase the value and power of higher education solutions. Datatel’s experienced and certified service professionals help Clients maximize the value of their human capital and financial resources by targeting solutions to the challenges and opportunities most impacting the success of the institutions. Through long-distance technologies or onsite engagements, Datatel Professional Services Consultants offer a comprehensive collection of education, consulting, and management services, providing an all-inclusive and flexible approach to ensure that Clients have all the right tools to meet their business goals.


Tricia Score

Public Relations Representative