CyberU Named a Visionary in Gartner’s 2003 “Magic Quadrants”

March 19, 2003

SANTA MONICA, California, March 19, 2003 – CyberU, Inc., the leading innovator of human capital management solutions, today announced that it was named as a visionary in three of Gartner’s 2003 “Magic Quadrant” reports*: E-Learning Suites, Learning Management Systems (LMS), and E-Learning Content. Published last month, these reports evaluated the performance of more than twenty vendors.

“CyberU is extremely proud to be listed as a visionary in three of Gartner’s ‘Magic Quadrant’ reports this year,” said Adam Miller, CEO of CyberU. “These reports validate our strategy of moving beyond learning management to empower our clients and their employees with a comprehensive intellectual capital management solution.”

James Lundy, author of the Gartner reports, says, “Another challenge to enterprises is that successful e-learning involves more than just buying an LMS…. For this reason, enterprises need to look at LMS vendors from a suite perspective, not just an LMS perspective, as this can affect the choice of vendors that an enterprise may select.” (Gartner “2003 LMS Magic Quadrant: Enter the Powerhouse Vendors,” James Lundy, February 2003.)

CyberU’s Corporate Education System (CES) provides a complete suite of learning, knowledge, talent, performance and content management tools. As a visionary, CyberU has “jumped beyond just having entry level e-learning suites,” according to James Lundy, author of the report. (Gartner “2003 E-learning Suites Magic Quadrant: Beyond Partial Suites,” James Lundy, February 2003.)

About CyberU, Inc.

CyberU is the leading innovator of online education and intellectual capital management solutions. CyberU’s state-of-the-art intellectual capital management system, the Corporate Education System (CES), combines the advantages of a comprehensive learning management system—complete with online, instructor-led, and just-in-time training—with integrated performance, talent, knowledge, and content management systems, providing a powerful suite of tools to enable corporations to effectively leverage their workforce. CyberU, Inc. has formed a number of strategic alliances for content, services and distribution, including Aon Corporation (NYSE: AOC). To learn more about CyberU’s award-winning training solutions, visit

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