CyberU Launches its Human Capital Management System, CES 2.9

December 7, 2001

SANTA MONICA, California – December 05, 2001 – CyberU, Inc., the leading innovator of corporate training solutions, today announced the launch of their Corporate Education System 2.9, the state-of-the-art, ASP-based human capital management system.

CES 2.9 integrates CyberU’s learning management system (LMS) with a talent management system, making the Corporate Education System even more robust. The new features make learning management more efficient by integrating what were formerly separate HR applications into one system.

CES 2.9 extends the power of an LMS by incorporating employee assessment and profiling capabilities. With the added talent management functionality, corporations can more accurately target the development needs of the organization and more efficiently assign training to employees. In addition, corporations can utilize CyberU’s integrated succession planning and team building tools to more cost-effectively manage the workforce.

“In response to the differing needs of our clients, CyberU now offers CES as functional modules,” said Adam Miller, CEO of CyberU. “The modules allow clients to leverage those tools that fit their particular needs.”

The advent of human capital management systems arose with the growing needs of corporations to make the most of their training budgets in the current economy. By giving corporations the necessary tools to better manage their assets, CES 2.9 provides an immediate return on investment.

About CyberU, Inc.

CyberU is the most comprehensive source of online education and corporate training for corporations, small businesses and individuals. CyberU’s suite of e-learning solutions includes a state-of-the-art, ASP-based human capital management system, the Corporate Education System (CES). CyberU’s Small Business Training Center,, and CES – Small Business, provide small to mid-sized businesses with affordable access to world-class corporate training. CyberU’s award-winning website,, provides individuals with one-click access to over 30,000 online courses from hundreds of educational institutions. The Company has formed a number of strategic alliances for content, services and distribution, including Aon Corporation (NYSE: AOC). CyberU is based in Santa Monica, California with offices in San Francisco, New York, Chicago and Atlanta.

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