CyberGrad, Inc. to Provide Online Training for Department of Transportation

January 3, 2005

York, PA— December 31, 2004— CyberGrad, Inc., the leading provider of virtual communication solutions and live e-learning technology, will be the technology provider for the Department of Transportation’s online training programs. This training is the first time a virtual communications technology has been used in this area of government.

CyberGrad, Inc. will provide remote Department of Transportation employees Internet-based software training. Hundreds of employees nationwide will receive the online training in five regional offices across the country. CyberGrad, Inc. will build a Web-based communications center for the agency utilizing online meeting/training rooms for its employees. These rooms will act as virtual training centers for employees.

“The Department of Transportation recognized the innovation and cost-effectiveness of using this software for its training, which will allow it to operate more efficiently and effectively,” said Dave Segal, president and co-founder, CyberGrad, Inc. “Everything from continuing education to global interactive meetings to basic operational techniques can be shared frequently, interactively and, above all, affordably.”

The Internet programs provided for the Department of Transportation utilize a special form of encryption (AES) in order to meet high-level security standards required by the Pentagon in government agencies. CyberGrad is one of only a few companies able to provide this level of security, required in government contracts of this kind.

CyberGrad will conduct the one-year program beginning January, 2005.
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