December 12, 2003

Now a Web site gives parents and teachers concrete tips to make math come alive – CYBERCHASE style: the CYBERCHASE Parents and Teachers Site at

Children across the country have embraced the popular series that features the daring adventures of three Earth kids – Jackie, Matt and Inez – who use math to save Cyberspace from the dastardly villain, Hacker. Research also shows that CYBERCHASE helps children feel successful – that they can be good at math and problem-solving just like their CYBERCHASE role models.

But CYBERCHASE is much more than a TV show. Much like all of PBS KIDS’ programs, CYBERCHASE reaches beyond the screen with home activities, classroom lessons, and in particular, a general outlook that math should be a part of a child’s everyday life. Visitors to the CYBERCHASE Parents and Teachers Site on will discover great tips and tools to help kids become enthusiastic about math; descriptions of CYBERCHASE stories with games and puzzles to extend the fun and learning; CYBERCHASE At Home family activities; and a searchable math topic database. Educators will find links to curriculum-based CYBERCHASE teacher guides.

The site will also feature a series of CYBERCHASE monthly articles that appear in the Weekly Reader fourth-grade edition. The site features interactive games and stories along with fun, fact-filled adventures that families can enjoy together, and provides a safe haven for children to learn all about the world around them. CYBERCHASE is produced by Thirteen/WNET New York and Nelvana Limited. Executive producers are Sandra Sheppard, director of children’s and educational programming at Thirteen, and Kristin Laskas Martin, former executive producer of the award-winning Magic School Bus. Larry Jacobs, former director of Magic School Bus, is animation director for Nelvana Limited. Major funding for CYBERCHASE is provided by the National Science Foundation, PBS and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

Additional funding is provided by The Intel Foundation and The Volckhausen Family. Corporate funding provided by Jif Peanut Butter and Intel Corporation

Edward Gregory, Sr. Publicist
Thirteen/WNET New York

Math and Brain Power to the rescue! CYBERCHASE is an exciting cartoon-mystery series starring Christopher Lloyd and Gilbert Gottfried, produced by Thirteen/WNET New York and Nelvana Ltd. on PBS Kids. For more exciting adventures, check out CYBERCHASE Online at The Chase is On!