Craig Gibson: Webcast on Information Literacy and Collaborative Change

February 15, 2002

Craig Gibson, associate university librarian, George Mason University, will be

featured in a Webcast on "Information Literacy and Collaborative Change"

on Tuesday, February 19, at 2:00 p.m. (EST). Registration is free.

  • How can faculty, librarians, educational technologists, and others collaborative

    to create a culture of learning, with information literacy as the linchpin?

  • How can information literacy programs be designed to fit well with larger

    institutional goals?

  • What are some of the best practices associated with information literacy


  • What specific projects and initiatives, focused on problem-based learning,

    critical thinking, undergraduate research, and service learning, are most

    promising "matches" for information literacy goals?

In this live Webcast, Craig Gibson, associate university librarian, George

Mason University, will address these and other crucial issues relating to creating

a culture of learning in higher education, especially focusing on information

literacy as an intellectual toolkit for transforming educational practices.

The Webcast will be in interview format, moderated by Steve Gilbert, president

of TLT Group.

"Information Literacy and Collaborative Change" is part of TLT Group’s

Online Interview Series. Registration is free, but early registration is encouraged.

To register and for more information on this and other Webcasts, go to: