Covansys to Offer HIPAA e-learning Tool, Making HIPAA Compliance Easier

March 7, 2002

Covansys Corporation (Nasdaq: CVNS), a global technology services provider, continues to establish itself as a market leader in Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) consulting with the announcement today of getHIP (Global Education Tool for HIPAA). getHIP is an online education program that assists healthcare organizations in their efforts to manage HIPAA’s exhaustive educational requirements, while offering them convenience, flexibility and cost savings. Covansys is the first global IT consulting firm to announce the availability and development of a HIPAA e-learning tool. getHIP is anticipated to be available by the end of April.

getHIP will assist healthcare organizations in meeting HIPAA’s extensive educational mandates. getHIP courses are based on Covansys’ proprietary HIPAA classroom training materials. Organizations may tailor these courses to meet their specific needs. In addition, getHIP offers role-based training. This combination enables healthcare corporations to tailor both the course content, as well as the course offerings for specific groups within the organization.

The e-learning platform will make these courses available to employees 24 hours a day from remote locations, eliminating the difficulty of scheduling education sessions for a large number of employees. getHIP will ensure employees receive a consistent message, and will enable healthcare organizations to fully track employees’ training. In addition, it will reduce the expense of delivering education to large numbers of employees.

“Covansys has an unwavering commitment to developing efficient, cost-effective HIPAA solutions for its current and prospective clients,” said Mark S. Gross, senior vice president of Covansys’ Global Health Practice. “Covansys’ unique e-learning solution for HIPAA will assist in making compliance with HIPAA’s educational mandates easier than ever, and will fill a great need within the healthcare industry.”

As previously stated, getHIP content will be based on Covansys’ proprietary HIPAA classroom education materials. “Covansys’ classroom HIPAA transaction training program is extensive and comprehensive,” said Harry Reynolds, vice president of HIPAA and information compliance officer at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina. “Education is one of the largest challenges healthcare corporations face in achieving HIPAA compliance, and Covansys has made this education manageable. Their program filled a great need within our company.”

Covansys, a market leader in the healthcare and HIPAA consulting markets, was named among the nation’s top 10 HIPAA consultants in Healthcare: Healthcare Business Drivers, Strategies and Management Issues, a September 2001 Gartner Group report. Covansys has supported numerous healthcare entities in conducting HIPAA awareness training and implementation, and meeting individual technological demands, including Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Arizona, and CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield. The company is a premier resource for healthcare industry leaders such as Henry Ford Health Systems.