Course Development Handbook: From the Distance Education and Training Council

September 13, 2004

This fourth edition of the DETC Course Development Handbook has been fully revised and has all new chapters. A lot has changed in the field of distance education since the 1980 version was published.

The Handbook covers a wide range of topics on curriculum development, from market research to accepting enrollments. It is intended for use by Academic Deans, Directors of Education, course writers, faculty, or anyone interested in distance learning course development.

In this fourth edition, you will find at least five chapters devoted to technology and the Internet. Since the first edition in 1980, no topic in distance education has been more dominant than the use of technology, and the authors have each attempted to use a practical, “lessons learned” approach.

The fourth edition does not ignore the fundamentals, however. You will see chapters on writing objectives, creating test items, and text design. You will read about adult learning theory and financial analysis in product development.

Take as a whole, the Handbook offers the reader a timely, practical “cookbook” for success in distance education.

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