Corous Develops Partnership With Dutch Online Experts

October 28, 2002

The agreement means COROUS will recommend DINKEL’s virtual learning environment TeleTOP® to companies buying COROUS online learning packages. DINKEL will reciprocate by recommending COROUS products to its clients.

The partnership is already in operation at the Shell Learning Centre based in The Netherlands where 60 ‘Learning Nuggets’ developed by COROUS are delivered to Shell employees using the TeleTOP® system which includes an online conferencing facility. The nuggets cover such topics as self-development, leadership skills, and team development.

Each nugget includes text, diagrams and animations specially adapted for online use and is designed to be a 20-minute “chunk” of learning. Workplace-specific assignments are completed after each nugget in a different section of the TeleTOP system which ensure that the subject is being understood and includes web links and suggestions for further reading and resources. In addition, via these workplace-specific activities, participants make contributions to the overall course environment which can be re-used as supplementary learning resources during the course and after. The programme is flexible and designed to allow staff to dip in and out at a time which suits them best.

Shamus Foster, COROUS technical manager, says the partnership with DINKEL is a great development for both companies:

“The TeleTOP® system complements the Open University and COROUS’ model of supported online learning. TeleTOP is an excellent delivery system for COROUS materials for companies who do not have their own virtual learning environments in place. We are delighted to be working with DINKEL staff to bring both our products to a wider audience.”

Professor Dr. Betty Collis, involved with TeleTOP® design and development since 1997, sees the relationship with COROUS as valuable for the University of Twente:

“The combination of e-learning, via high quality nuggets or e-modules integrated with workplace-oriented activities, is a strong, new form of blended learning. Universities and company learning centres alike will be looking to the partnership between COROUS and the University of Twente as a model for blended learning design. TeleTOP® is a key tool for this kind of blended approach, with user interactions and contributions directly integrated with interactive study resources via the unique TeleTOP® system.”

COROUS is devising online learning packages for numerous companies including Shell International Exploration and Production, the NHS Leadership Centre and BT Academy. It has also established the COROUS Connect Network, a designated forum for companies to share their ideas and experiences about online learning.

The Network holds quarterly meetings for members, hosts online discussion topics each month and offers online resources, presentations and information. More information about COROUS can be found at its website at or by calling 01908 659570.

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