Content Developers and Training Companies Move to the Web with Courses Designed for Live Delivery On Centra’s eLearning Platform

March 6, 2001

ATLANTA, Mar 5, 2001 — Recent studies of Centra’s extensive, global customer base show that blending traditional classroom study with live and self-paced online learning significantly improves the effectiveness of enterprise learning initiatives compared to the use of any one method alone. To support increased demand for this blended approach, Centra (NASDAQ: CTRA), the world’s leading provider of software and ASP services for live eLearning and collaboration, today announced programs and partnerships with leading content development and online training companies that will result in a new generation of blended eLearning courseware delivered on its real-time collaboration platform.

Introduced here at Training 2001 in Atlanta, these programs further extend Centra’s leadership in the live eLearning market and significantly expand Centra’s ecosystem of strategic partners working together to create highly effective and engaging learning experiences for delivery over the Internet. Each program includes strong in-market partnerships with complementary eLearning vendors, consulting expertise and courses for the design of effective programs, and integration of its live eLearning delivery platform with leading learning and content management systems. In addition, Centra has committed substantial resources to the development of ongoing programs to educate and support its content and training partners.

Centra Content Developer Program

The Centra Content Developer Program is designed to eliminate a key barrier to the rapid deployment of eLearning content by transferring expertise and best practices to leading content development organizations. This innovative program provides the resources that developers need to successfully define, architect, and implement off-the-shelf or customized courseware for delivery in Centra’s live eLearning environment. To support these organizations, Centra delivers methodology for the effective design of blended eLearning, assigns a dedicated Centra relationship manager, and provides necessary software licenses. Charter members of the Centra Content Developer Program include NIIT, SkillSoft, LearningByte International, Wronski Associates, and Nova Concept.

Centra Online Training Partner Program

Members of Centra’s Online Training Partner Program use Centra’s eLearning ASP to deliver off-the-shelf online training sessions to corporate customers and consumers. These partners are both traditional instructor-led training organizations migrating their services to the Web and new Web-centric learning businesses spanning IT and business “soft skills” training domains. Industry leading training organizations like Global Knowledge, Ascolta, Element K, Versalys, CDI, and CEGOS already deliver their live blended eLearning programs on Centra’s platform. These partners have an assigned Centra relationship manager and receive access to Centra’s full-service ASP and training programs.

“Today’s top businesses are embracing the competitive advantage of eLearning,” said Amitava Mitra, Senior Vice President of Knowledge Solutions for NIIT, a leading global provider of customized technology, services, and content for organizational learning. “This trend has created a booming demand for online courseware, and those companies developing training content are looking for the right tools and partners to help them meet that demand more efficiently and cost effectively. Centra offers us the right combination of technology and expertise to make deployment and delivery of our eLearning programs a success.”

Centra’s rich functionality for blended eLearning, including the combination of real-time interaction with session recording and playback, scalable system architecture, and ability to integrate with other training management portals and eCommerce systems has made Centra the delivery platform of choice for more corporate training organizations. At the end of 2000, there were already more than 400 live, for fee, publicly available training courses designed for delivery on the Centra eLearning platform.

The Power of eLearning Partnerships

Each of Centra’s Partner Programs are focused on establishing and maintaining high-value relationships with leading eLearning solution providers. These business partners build upon Centra’s market-leading products to provide educational content, training services and methodologies, and integration with Centra’s learning technologies to meet the enterprise learning needs of organizations through integrated, best of breed solutions.

With support infrastructure throughout the world, Centra is uniquely positioned to provide the quality of programs and services Partners require to be successful. Centra Partners, which include leading service and support organizations, have won new clients, extended existing customer relationships, and created new business opportunities for themselves through Centra-powered solutions.

“These important initiatives represent Centra’s response to growing market demand for blended content, services, and technology,” said Alan May, Vice President of Strategic Alliances for Centra. “By continuing to offer superior products and support for strong industry alliances, Centra’s compelling and pragmatic vision for the future of eLearning will enable customers worldwide to achieve the business results they seek from their investments in enterprise learning.”

Software Infrastructure for Live eLearning and Collaboration

Already used in over 440 companies and universities worldwide, Centra’s Web-based enterprise products and services share a common collaboration framework, and are optimized to address the full range of real-time business interactions necessary to accelerate internal and market-facing business processes, including distance education. Every product features Centra’s hallmark voice-over-IP capabilities, collaborative online workspace, and intuitive user interface to enable live conversation and interaction over low-bandwidth network connections. Centra’s products include Centra Symposium™ for virtual classrooms, Centra Conference™ for Web conferencing and lecture-style events, and Centra eMeeting™ for meetings, 1:1 mentoring and team collaboration.

About Centra

Centra is the world’s leading provider of software infrastructure and ASP services for live eLearning and business collaboration. Today hundreds of global organizations have standardized on Centra for the delivery of live eLearning, including Accenture, Century 21, Domino’s Pizza, EMC Corporation, ExxonMobil, McKesson HBOC, Nationwide Insurance, Siemens, and Procter & Gamble. Centra supports a vital ecosystem of strategic eLearning partnerships, which include alliances with Microsoft, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Cisco, Oracle, Saba, Docent, and Global Knowledge. Headquartered in Boston’s technology corridor, the Company has sales offices throughout North America, Europe and Asia. For more information, visit

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