Content Creators and Language Learners: Exploring Web 2.0 and Wikis

August 6, 2013

This qualitative study examined the use of Wikis and blogs among graduate students in an online class that was part of a teacher preparation program in English as a Second Language.
Participants included practicing teachers and graduate assistants who represented a variety of
learning environments and experiences. The study was framed by a set of overarching questions and utilized a variety of data sets, which were collected throughout the study. These included survey data on use of Web 2.0 tools, participant-designed classroom Wikis, instructional materials for language learning, regular education teachers, ESL teachers, and resources for administrators and community stakeholders. Analysis employed the Constant Comparative process and Grounded Theory. Findings indicate several hindrances as well as benefits to using
Wikis in the PreK-higher education environment. Participants emerged as content creators and
modeled the process for their ESL students.

The Journal of Educators Online

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