Confronting America’s Obesity Epidemic on PBS May 1

April 26, 2001

“To be slim… attractive…the perfect shape. It’s what just about

everybody desires, but most of us are missing the mark,” says Alan

Alda in this episode. In “Fat and Happy?” to be aired on PBS at 8

p.m on Tuesday May, 1, (check local listing) we confront America’s

looming health crisis: obesity. The program gives a look at what’s

behind the epidemic and offers some practical advice on what can be

done to stop it. One of the program’s experts is Leann Birch,

professor and head of the Department of Human Development and Family

Studies, who will appear on a segment called, “Obesity Begins at

Home.” She will also participate in the “Science Hotline,” which

allows viewers to e-mail scientists from the shows. For more on Fat

and Happy? Go to and follow the links to the

program, to Dr. Birch’s segment and to her Q&A page. For information

on the Children’s Eating Lab, directed by Dr. Birch, go to>