Click2learn Unveils Aspen 2.0

June 4, 2002

“Our customers today are looking for something far more strategic than just cost avoidance when deploying our technology,” said Kevin Oakes, Click2learn chairman and CEO. “Increasing productivity is first and foremost on their minds, and Aspen 2.0 has been architected to enable the capture, creation, management and dissemination of corporate knowledge in real time to improve workforce productivity and

business performance.”

“With today’s rapidly increasing pace of business, Aspen 2.0 helps companies stay competitive by responding faster and smarter to change, whether it be from a new product or system roll-out, a corporate merger or the adoption of new standards or regulations,” said Oakes. “To do that, companies need to be able to assess organizational needs, plan for performance, develop content rapidly and deliver it with personalization, manage learning strategically, provide timely information and collaborative support for daily tasks, and measure and improve performance. We’ve designed Aspen 2.0 to provide all those capabilities, so learning can directly impact on-the-job productivity.”

Aspen 2.0 is comprised of a set of modules– built on a single, 100% Web-based technology platform– that combine into solutions to address specific business and learning goals. Core applications include full-featured LMS, LCMS and Virtual Classroom modules. A comprehensive selection of add-on modules creates even richer, more customized solutions. They include:

  • Collaboration Center – Increases productivity by providing online access to experts.

  • Personalized Delivery – Reduces learning time by adapting courses to the learner’s needs.

  • Information Management – Delivers timely information to support daily tasks

  • Performance Management – Helps realize business goals by managing performance objectives and competencies

  • Simulation Editor – Creates realistic, interactive scenarios for presentations, practice and testing performance

  • Auditing – Ensures compliance with FDA Title 21 – Code of Federal Regulations – Part 11 rules regarding electronic records.

“As organizations develop and deliver more of their own e-learning content, they find that the biggest headache is the ongoing maintenance and upgrading of the training content. Among the greatest value propositions Aspen 2.0 offers is the tight integration of its LMS, LCMS and Virtual Classroom,” said Cushing Anderson, program manager, Learning Services Research at the market research firm IDC. “The ability to create learning content, whether through collaboration or authoring, and conveniently modify and reuse it, is key to keeping the content fresh, relevant and ultimately more effective.”

One of the major benefits of Aspen’s single, integrated platform is significantly reduced cost of owning, deploying and maintaining the software. Aspen’s integrated platform solution translates into:

  • Lower implementation costs

  • Shorter implementation times

  • Faster growth to meet organizational needs with seamless addition of modules

  • Reduced training and support costs – single sign-on, consistent user interface and language support

  • More manageable deployment – one database, common user management, unified security model

  • Greater functionality at a lower cost

Aspen’s open architecture also enables it to integrate with an organization’s existing IT infrastructure. The platform supports multi-channel delivery, including mobile devices, and is compliant with all industry standards, including XML, vCalendar, SCORM, AICC and Section 508. Designed to scale to global enterprises, Aspen 2.0 also supports multiple languages, time zones and currencies.

“The growing need for companies to link learning more closely with on-the-job performance requires the development of more complex learning experiences. These expanded experiences will combine content,collaboration with peers and experts, practice scenarios and other interactive opportunities,” said Elliott Masie, president of the Masie Center and one of the industry’s leading experts on learning. “Aspen’s integrated technology platform maps to this trend.”

With one of the largest installed bases of enterprise platform implementations, numbering more than 350, Click2learn will work closely with its existing customers to upgrade to the new version.To-date, more than 15 Click2learn customers have already begun Aspen 2.0 implementations.

Additional information on Aspen 2.0 can be found on the Click2learn Web site at: