Cleveland Clinic Health System-East Region Selects Pathlore Training Solution

March 30, 2005

Along with creating a blended learning solution to train clinical practitioners on the use of an electronic medical records (EMR) system, CCHS-East has used the Pathlore solution to reduce the amount of paper-based testing. For instance, CCHS-East has converted its paper-based self-instructional learning packet (SILP) as well as methods for validating Annual Competency Completion (ACC) to an online procedure by using Pathlore assessments. CCHS-East also will use Pathlore to deliver training on the laws governing the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and a variety of other training mandated by regulatory agencies.

“It’s a challenge for physicians to find time to go to class to take training on an EMR system, so we put together a blended learning approach that mixed computer-based training, classroom instruction and CDs,” said Tom Vernon, manager of Human Resource Development Technology for Cleveland Clinic Health System-East Region. “Our Pathlore learning management system was critical to laying the foundation to build and manage our blended learning approach to training.”

According to Vernon, CCHS-East has relied on the Pathlore solution to automate the SILP process. The self-directed, paper-based learning process required employees to take a written quiz, wait for a manager to evaluate the results, send the results to Human Resource Development to be entered into the learning management system (LMS), and eventually get a completion certificate a few weeks later.

“We’ve automated 90 percent of this process by relying on Pathlore,” Vernon said. “This not only expedites the way employees get their completion certificates, which often contain contact hours for continuing education, but also has been hugely satisfying for staff wanting immediate feedback on assessment results.”

Like most hospitals, CCHS-East admits to having spent long hours accounting for which individuals on its staff have completed mandatory training such as HIPAA and annual competencies. The CCHS-East staff has been on the front lines grading tests and constantly tracking training. Vernon said Pathlore will save his organization thousands of hours in terms of entering data and reviewing training completion results.

“We’re an organization that delivers a wide assortment of self-directed and classroom training opportunities, but we’re making the jump to automation,” said Vernon. “Because of Pathlore, we’ve already been recognized for gaining multiple operational efficiencies for converting paper processes to electronic ones.”

Vernon’s team recently was presented with the President’s Quality Award, given by CCHS-East’s chief executive officer, for improving performance in ways that enhance CCHS-East’s health care services. “We don’t see online learning as the answer to all of our training needs,” said Vernon. “There will always be many things, such as hands-on procedures, that will need to be taught face-to-face.

“But an LMS lets us look at the status of learning and development across our entire organization,” Vernon added. “It’s incredibly important to constantly support our organization in improving individual and organizational performance, which ultimately helps us reach our business goals.”

“One thing that differentiates Pathlore from its competitors is the firm’s specialized knowledge of the health care industry,” said Peter McStravick, senior research analyst with market research firm IDC.

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