Classwell Learning Group Announces Key Content Agreements With Education Industry Leaders

April 16, 2001

BOSTON — Classwell Learning Group, an online learning service for pre-K-12 schools, today announced the addition of educational content from industry leaders GlobaLearn and Cerebellum’s Standard Deviants program. These diverse alliances enhance Classwell’s existing content and reinforce Classwell’s open content model. Classwell is the only online resource that supports any teacher, any subject, any textbook, anywhere, anytime in one site.

“Classwell’s goal is to provide teachers with content they can use no matter what textbook or supplemental programs they are using in their classroom or which state or district curriculum they are responsible for supporting,” said David Cappellucci, president and CEO of Classwell. “With content partnerships like these, we can further deliver on this promise to teachers.”

Classwell, a strategic partner of Houghton Mifflin and Sylvan Ventures, acquired GlobaLearn, which produces K-12 language arts and social studies activities, including Expedition, a resource of lesson plans and student activities on regions of the world. Classwell has retained ownership of GlobaLearn’s Web pages as well as paper, slide, photograph and digital video content.

“The GlobaLearn acquisition brings the Classwell teacher new and exciting ways to explore the world with their students,” said Cappellucci. “The Expeditions lets students view the world through the journals and pictures of a guide, and gives the teacher a cross curricular learning tool across social studies and language arts skills.”

Classwell will incorporate the Standard Deviant’s suite of products into the Classwell service. Cerebellum is the nation’s leading provider of educational videos and DVDs for middle and high school students. Teachers have endorsed Cerebellum’s Standard Deviants brand of content delivered via cutting edge technology. A Classwell teacher will be able to access and assign Standard Deviants content to students to reinforce a specific learning objective. The Standard Deviants video-based content will give the Classwell teacher new and innovative ways to teach to each child’s learning style.

“We are very excited to be entering into this relationship,” Cerebellum Co-CEO Chip Paucek said. “Our mission with the Standard Deviants has always been to combine serious academic content with a style that makes learning both easy and enjoyable for the student. Now with Classwell, we’ll be able to deliver this content directly into the hands of teachers.”

Cappellucci added, “GlobaLearn and Cerebellum are brands that teachers relied on for years. We know these partnerships will enhance teachers’ and students’ experience with our service. By integrating time-saving tools and content we are giving teachers the resources they need to help each student achieve their learning goals.”

Classwell adds GlobaLearn and Standard Deviants to its list of teacher trusted and well known content partner brands, including Houghton Mifflin, Great Source, McDougal Littell, Heath, Standard Deviants, and Kinko’s.


Classwell Learning Group, based in Boston, Massachusetts, is a resource to improve student learning in grades preK-12. Classwell’s online learning service ( combines tools and curriculum content to help teachers help students. Classwell seamlessly integrates instruction, assessment and teacher training and localizes content to state and district standards. Classwell also allows for customization and personalization of its content to individual student and teacher needs. Classwell draws from diverse and trusted brands for content and services including Kinko’s, Houghton Mifflin and Sylvan Ventures.


Cerebellum Corporation, the nation’s leading producer of multimedia educational products has experienced phenomenal growth since its inception in 1993. Standard Deviants video, DVD and software title are carried in more than 8,000 retail and e-tail locations nationwide and are widely regarded as the most compelling video-based learning products on the market. Recommended by more than 500 teachers and college professors, The Standard Deviants have won 20 Telly Awards for “Best Non-Broadcast Educational Video” and have also been named to the “Best Films and Videos” list by the American Association for the Advancement of Science.


GlobaLearn ( was founded in 1993 by Murat Armbruster with the mission to prepare children for global citizenship and to provide them with the skills, awareness, and determination necessary to become responsible stewards of the Earth. The company was one of the first to provide students and teachers with online resources and curriculum in the K-12 market. To date the company has been used by teachers and students in all 50 states and over 40 countries around the world.

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