Classwell Learning Group and Sun Microsystems Announce Partnership to Bring Web-based Service to California Classroom

June 27, 2001

Classwell Learning Group and Sun Microsystems, Inc. recently announced a collaboration between the two companies to provide technology and web-enabled service to the Easterbrook School in the Moreland School District, San Jose, Calif.

Moreland was one of six school districts to receive a grant from Sun two years ago. In expanding their relationship with the Sun Open Gateway Program, Moreland will be adding two additional labs of Sun’s Thin Client Appliance, The Sun Ray. These labs provide students with Sun’s StarofficeINTO products and ready access to the Internet. The Easterbrook School will now include Classwell’s premium service as an integral part of their technology

Classwell, a strategic partner of Houghton Mifflin and Sylvan Ventures, seamlessly integrates assessment, instruction and professional development and is aligned with state and local standards. It is the only online service that will support any teacher, any subject, any textbook, anywhere, anytime in one site.

“We believe the synergy of Sun, Moreland and Classwell is a powerful collaboration,” said David Cappellucci, president and CEO of Classwell. “This is a perfect example of a school seeking technology to impact teaching and learning.”

“When we reviewed the Classwell service we knew immediately it was something that could help our teachers and students,” said Honey Berg, director of educational projects for the Moreland School District. “Classwell has lesson plans, assessments and professional development opportunities that teachers can use in the classroom everyday. This service supports our school district’s curriculum and is very teacher friendly.”

To further enhance the relationship, Sun and Classwell chose the Easterbrook School to showcase the Sun Ray technology and Classwell learning solution. Berg said that Easterbrook particularly liked Classwell because it offers a variety of resources for every student, regardless of their learning level.

“We were glad to be able to bring the Classwell service to the Moreland School District,” said Dinesh Bahal, director of education markets, Sun Microsystems. “Having worked very closely with Moreland, we know they are a progressive, forward-thinking district. We were confident that they would embrace Classwell as a tool for their teachers.”

“We admire Moreland not only for implementing best-of-breed technology with Sun but also for putting this technology to work where it matters most – in the classroom for teachers,” said David Cappellucci, president and CEO of Classwell. “We are thrilled to be an application of choice and look forward to working with Moreland to use their technology in a way to help teachers personalize instruction.”

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