Classroom Connect Chosen to Provide 34 Detroit-Area School Districts With Full Line of Online Education Programs

March 20, 2001

BRISBANE, Calif. — At last week’s annual conference of the Michigan Association for Computer-related Technology Users for Learning, Classroom Connect, Inc. announced that Wayne RESA (The Wayne County Regional Educational Service Agency) will facilitate the purchase of 5,000 subscriptions of the company’s suite of educational programs for the 34 local school districts in Wayne County. As a leading provider of Internet-based curriculum and professional development for K-12 education, Classroom Connect promotes the educational use of the Internet in the K-12 community to achieve the highest-quality education possible.

Wayne RESA selected Classroom Connect’s integrated suite of Web-delivered products and on-site services, as one of the companies to support approximately 20,000 teachers in the Detroit metropolitan area, driving the successful integration of technology in the classroom to strengthen standards-based curriculum and professional development.

“Wayne RESA and the 34 local school districts in Wayne County join school districts around the country in states like New York, Texas, Illinois and Florida, that have discovered how to successfully harness the power of the Internet to enhance the quality of K-12 education,” said Judith Hamilton, CEO of Classroom Connect. “Educators in Wayne County will benefit from Classroom Connect’s online professional development programs, which ensure educators are well-prepared to integrate technology into their classrooms, as well as our fundamental curriculum resources, which help challenge and inspire students while meeting state and national standards. Classroom Connect is excited to work with Wayne RESA and local school district administrators and teachers to effectively converge education and technology in a way that is meaningful for students.”

“The proliferation of the Internet creates new opportunities and places new demands on elementary and secondary schools,” added David Frankel, technology consultant for Wayne RESA. “We are impressed by Classroom Connect’s innovative curriculum and professional development programs, as well as their underlying commitment to service, that will help educators enhance the quality of classroom instruction. Classroom Connect understands that elevating the quality of education in Wayne County is a key priority for our citizens.”

Wayne County’s educators will have access to Classroom Connect’s complete subscription service, including the following:

  • Connected University, Classroom Connect’s award-winning online professional

    development community for educators with challenging content, maximum interactivity, and unmatched convenience;

  • Classroom Today, which offers interactive social studies, science, language

    arts and math topics related to required curriculum, and matched to state and national standards;

  • the Quest Channel, which enables students to become “virtual” Quest team

    explorers as they use the Internet to travel great distances, make discoveries and publish their findings — all while exploring some of the world’s greatest mysteries; and

  • On-site, face-to-face training and workshops designed to meet the specific needs of educators in Wayne County.

Classroom Connect’s programs will be available in late March for Wayne County schools. Educators should contact David Frankel, 734-334-1378 or Dolores Veshka, 734-334-1594 for more information.

About Classroom Connect

Classroom Connect, Inc. (, is a privately held Internet company that develops and markets original, Web-based curriculum products and teacher professional development programs for the K-12 education community. Its partners include some of the nation’s most respected organizations, including the American Museum of Natural History, the Library of Congress and NASA. Classroom Connect has more than 175 employees in five offices nationwide, with headquarters in Brisbane, CA. For more information, visit Classroom Connect’s Web site at or call 650-351-5100.

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