, Inc. to Provide Online Content for Michigan Virtual High School

October 21, 2003

“It’s impossible to overestimate the value of a partnership like this,” said CEO Katherine Endacott. “MVHS is in their fourth successful year of operation, and they have a proven record of accomplishment with a wide range of students in urban and rural districts throughout the state. We’re very proud to be a part of their program.”

Michigan Virtual High School had 7,000 students from nearly 400 Michigan districts take online courses during the 2002-2003 school year. More than 400 Michigan-certified teachers have taken the MVHS online instructor course to prepare them to teach online.

“The breadth of available courses gave us a ready-made content source for many of our Flex 90 courses,” said MVHS executive director Robert Currie. “This valuable resource meant we could launch our most popular type of course much sooner than would have been possible otherwise, and with a much broader selection of courses.”

“Flexibility is one of the keys,” says Endacott. “MVHS runs the courses on its own servers, and provides certified Michigan teachers. Coupled with the self-paced design of the courses themselves, this allows them to offer flexible start dates while requiring that students finish the courses within 90 days. In fact, part of their offering is called ‘Flex 90’ because of the flexible nature of the curriculum.”

“A big reason schools turn to MVHS for an online learning solution is because it allows them to accommodate students who are ‘outside the box,’ whether that’s due to a difficult schedule, an unusual learning style or a need to fill a credit-gap,” says Currie. “The fact that students can work at their own pace and finish in less than 90 days if they need to is why our Flex 90 courses are in such demand and one of the reasons content is the engine for so many of those courses.”

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About Michigan Virtual High School
The Michigan Virtual High School is an online resource that enables Michigan high schools to provide courses (all taught by certified teachers) and other learning tools that students wouldn’t otherwise have access to. MVHS was partially funded by the Michigan Legislature in July 2000 for a three-year period to be operated by the Michigan Virtual University, a private, not-for-profit Michigan corporation.For more information about MVHS, go to