, Inc. Completes Algebra I Sequence

June 29, 2004

“We now have a complete algebra solution,” said CEO Katherine Endacott. “We offer a comprehensive standards-based progression beginning with Pre-Algebra, continuing with Algebra 1A and 1B and Algebra 2A and 2B, and concluding with Pre-Calculus and Linear Algebra.”

“’s Algebra curriculum is comprehensive, rigorous, and engaging,” says Dr. Sandy Wagner, Senior Math Consultant for “We want to make sure that all students can pass Algebra and achieve proficiency in mathematics.’s interactive instructional activities and regular practice exercises will help students gain and retain the necessary knowledge and skills.”

The latest online course is the second semester of a traditional middle/high school Algebra I course. In it, students continue their progression through algebraic concepts, expanding their knowledge of functions and relations, solving systems of equations and inequalities, simplifying rational and radical expressions, and solving quadratic equations. A unit on probability and statistics is also included. Lead Instructional Designer Michelle Kobza described the new offering as “a highly interactive course. It incorporates proven effective instructional design and pedagogy, and incorporates real-world problems and examples, including activities designed to show how one uses algebra and geometry in real life, to hold student’s interest.”

“We know that Algebra is a key ‘gatekeeper’ course,“ says Endacott. “Students who don’t pass Algebra can’t continue in math and science, and are much less likely to graduate. And, according to the latest NAEP statistics, only 27% of America’s eight graders are proficient in math.” Approximately 14 million middle school and high school students in 29 states must have credit in Algebra to graduate from high school. In 21 of those states, students must pass a proficiency exam to earn their diploma

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