Chela Education Financing to Award $30,000 in Scholarships to

April 23, 2004

“We are excited to be the leader in scholarship awards for distance learners,” says Doug Dolton, President and CEO, Chela Education Financing.
“We recognize that distance education is one of the most powerful solutions in the education marketplace today, and we are pleased to add this scholarship to Chela’s extensive list of financial aid solutions.”

Chela estimates that in 2004, nearly one million students will enroll in distance degree programs. Categories of distance learners include working
adults, single parents, military personnel and the physically challenged.

The $30,000 “Go The Distance” Scholarship Program will bring higher education that much closer for 30 distance students, each of whom will be awarded $1,000 to apply to their education costs. Scholarship applications will be accepted from April 20, 2004 until July 5, 2004. Further information can be found at

Chela’s core philosophy “We’re in it for the students” means fulfilling an obligation to all students, including nontraditional students such as distance learners. Chela recognizes these students face particular challenges balancing job, family and school responsibilities.

For these busy students, finding financial resources to pay for school is an additional pressure, and many are unaware of the financial aid opportunities available to them. Chela has created Distance Education Resource ( to help them make informed decisions about paying for their education. This valuable website helps online schools enroll and retain students by providing education financing information, tools and products, such as:

* Applications and information on the “Go The Distance” scholarship

* What to look for in a distance program

* Distance education financing tips

* Student loan information and products

* FAQs about distance education financing

* Distance program and student spotlights

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