Check Out WebCT’s Pre-Conference Online Forums

June 7, 2001

Starting Monday June 4, a series of Pre-conference Online Discussions will be taking place on Over a two week period, these discussions will revolve around ten papers which have been selected by conference organizers as truly representative of “Educational Transformation.” The presenters of the papers will be moderating the discussions, which we hope will allow for a richly interactive experience for everyone involved. The discussions will also be facilitated by two WebCT representatives, hailing from the US and Australia.

In preparation for the start of the Discussions, the ten papers are now

available for your review. For a link out to the papers, descriptions of the

presenters, and guidelines on how to use the Discussions on, please visit:

The ten featured papers include:

  • Online Distance Education and Undergraduate Student Retention and Recruitment

  • Distance Learning in Chemistry with WebCT

  • Mathematics in WebCT, III

  • What’s New with Streaming Media?

  • Wanted: A Delivery Platform for a University Wide Program to Increase

    Fluency in Information Technology (FITness)

  • Full-scale Implementation – Issues and Some Answers

  • Removing the Boxes: Using WebCT to Connect On-line and On-campus Classes

  • Evolution and Self-Empowerment through WebCT

  • Two + Two = Four Years Online

  • Faculty Development for the Late Adopters: Innovation for the Reluctant

At the end of the two week period, the discussions will be archived on the

e-Learning Hub, and a link to the discussion will be placed in the papers

themselves. These discussions are open to anyone interested Online Teaching and Learning with WebCT.