Certificate Program in DWeb – Design

April 28, 2002

In the past 10 years, the number of classes being offered on the Web has grown tremendously. Collaborative learning technologies enabled by the Internet have refreshed the tradition of distance education and made distance learning an attractive new way to learn. This also offers an attractive way to teach, and many instructors are being asked by their schools, institutions, and companies to move their current face-to-face courses to an online environment. These professionals are faced with numerous challenges: How should the course change to reflect the new learning environment? What technologies can be included? What design process works? How long will it take to learn how to do all of this?

The Learning & Instructional Development Centre of Simon Fraser University and TELESTraining Inc. are pleased to announce a new Web based program which responds to these vital questions. The Certificate Program in DWeb: Design, Development, and Delivery of Web Based Instruction (CP-DWeb) is a four month program to teach instructors how to design, produce, and facilitate online courses. It is a comprehensive solution for instructors who would like to transfer their classroom teaching experience to online environments and to learn appropriate designs for online delivery. During the program participants create their own courses and deploy them to a delivery platform of choice.

The next cohort begins in July! For further information and registration, please visit the following site: http://www.sfu.ca/lidc/telestraining/

Jill Jodrey

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