Certegrity Puts integrity into certification

November 2, 2004

This pay-as-you-go training information archival service provides a safe and secure repository for all of your training information, including class and certification information, as well as images of documents and exams. The stored records are retrievable at any time, 365 days a year, and meet all legal, regulatory and risk management requirements for securing and retaining training information.

Training providers use this service to provide safe and secure storage of their records, to improve their own data management, to easily extend information to customers and regulators, and to enhance their customer service. Employers use Certegrity to archive employee training records with a trusted third party for insurance and liability reasons, to manage employee training and certifications, and to research the educational background of job applicants. Finally, teachers and students use this service to validate their credentials for current and potential employers and to manage their own training and professional activities.

Certegrity’s goal is to put integrity into certification by setting the highest standards for archiving training information. We put ourselves on the line for certifications so that you don’t have to. Do not delay, visit us today at http://www.certegrity.com or call us for more information at (703) 875-9422.