Centra Expands its eLearning Partner Ecosystem to Include Emerging Category of Learning Content Management Systems

March 6, 2001

ATLANTA, Mar 5, 2001 — Centra (NASDAQ: CTRA), the world’s leading provider of software and ASP services for live eLearning and collaboration, today announced that it has joined forces with the world’s leading Learning Content Management System (LCMS) vendors to provide powerful solutions for the comprehensive delivery and management of content for effective online learning. Introduced here at Training 2001 in Atlanta, Centra’s Learning Content Management Partner Program further extends Centra’s leadership in live eLearning and expands Centra’s ecosystem of strategic partners working together to create highly effective and engaging learning experiences.

Today, more and more companies worldwide are turning to eLearning to expedite knowledge transfer using corporate networks and the Internet. Yet, to truly exploit the knowledge that exists within an organization, content must be made available to the appropriate people when they need it, and in a form that is easily and instantly accessible. In response to this growing need, the eLearning industry has seen the emergence of a new category of software and ASP solutions, known as Learning Content Management Systems, aimed at streamlining content management and improving personalized learning programs. Such systems enable authors and subject matter experts to use and reuse existing learning objects in an easily accessible online environment.

Centra Learning Content Management System Partner Program

Centra’s new LCMS Partner Program enables these emerging content management vendors to work together with Centra to offer customers a highly integrated management and delivery solution, while preserving customer choice in the use of technologies that best meet their enterprise learning objectives. Charter members of Centra’s LCMS Partner Program include Generation21 Learning Systems, gForce, Knowledge Mechanics, MindLever, Peer3, and WBT Systems.

“Learners have different roles, learning needs, and preferences,” said Harvi Singh, Chief Learning Technologist for MindLever, a leading provider of hosted eLearning applications for the creation, management, and delivery of online content “This partnership will blend the best features of Centra’s live collaboration platform with MindLever’s learning object based content management platform to facilitate the delivery of highly effective, highly dynamic, and highly personalized solutions.”

Software Infrastructure for Live eLearning and Collaboration

Already used in over 440 companies and universities worldwide, Centra’s Web-based enterprise products and services share a common collaboration framework, and are optimized to address the full range of real-time business interactions necessary to accelerate internal and market-facing business processes, including distance education. Every product features Centra’s hallmark voice-over-IP capabilities, collaborative online workspace, and intuitive user interface to enable live conversation and interaction over low-bandwidth network connections. Centra’s products include Centra Symposium™ for virtual classrooms, Centra Conference™ for Web conferencing and lecture-style events, and Centra eMeeting™ for 1:1 mentoring and team collaboration.

“The Centra Learning Content Management Partner Program brings together complementary technologies to deliver combined offerings that have the potential to change the way companies view eLearning,” said Alan May, Vice President of Strategic Alliances for Centra. “Participating companies can create value for their customers by developing and delivering personalized content that is available to users when, where and how they need it.”

About Centra

Centra is the world’s leading provider of software infrastructure and ASP services for live eLearning and business collaboration. Today hundreds of global organizations have standardized on Centra for the delivery of live eLearning, including Accenture, Century 21, Domino’s Pizza, EMC Corporation, ExxonMobil, McKesson HBOC, Nationwide Insurance, Siemens, and Procter & Gamble. Centra supports a vital ecosystem of strategic eLearning partnerships, which include alliances with Microsoft, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Cisco, Oracle, Saba, Docent, and Global Knowledge. Headquartered in Boston’s technology corridor, the Company has sales offices throughout North America, Europe and Asia. For more information, visit www.centra.com.

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